Divorced Actress And Mum Of One Gloria Mba Reveals Why She Turned Down Marriage Proposals From Suitors

After a failed marriage, light-skinned Nollywood actress and mum of a cute son, Gloria Mba, disclosed that marriage is a beautiful thing worth giving another trial but there are certain criteria a man must meet to have her as wife. This informs her decision for turning down many suitors that have come her way, SunNews reports.


In a recent chat with Inside Nollywood, Mba confesses:

”Of course, I would want to get married again. But I have to be very careful. I have turned down many suitors. Those who are so engrossed with the Gloria Mba they see on screen; the beautiful actress. I don’t want that. I want someone who would love me for me.

Funnily, there were speculations that I had remarried secretly, but I didn’t. I laughed over it when the rumours went round. However, I don’t see anything wrong in getting married discreetly; it’s all a matter of choice, as long as you have become a Mrs.”

When she was probed further to find out her kind of man and the chances of being hooked with an entertainer, the sultry actress, who came into the industry in 1996, said she sees nothing wrong marrying an actor.

”It’s all about understanding, I don’t see anything wrong marrying an actor, musician or entertainer, they are all human beings with feelings too. If we work on our marriage, giving it our best shot, it will survive.”

It would be recalled that Gloria lost her husband, Leo Kanu, to her friend, Thelma Ozy Nwosu, a popular Nollywood make-up artiste.

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“Divorced Actress And Mum Of One Gloria Mba Reveals Why She Turned Down Marriage Proposals From Suitors”

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