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Dear MIMsters: Is This Married Man I’m Dating Really Sincere Or Just Using Me?

Please I need your advice again. I previously sought advice after sleeping with my cousin’s hubby (read here). I have asked for her forgiveness. However, she has forbidden me from coming close to her family though her hubby won’t still let me be.

I have noticed that I am only attracted to young married men and they always ask me out. I know what I am doing is wrong but don’t know how to stop it.

I met this guy 2 months ago – it was just a week after his wedding. He is so nice and caring. He visited me in school shortly after we met and took my laptop because he wanted to install something in it. He said I should come to his friend’s place to collect it. I got there quite late, only for me to find out that it was his house. I could not leave that day because it was night already.

He introduced me as a distant cousin to his wife and shamelessly had sex with me all through the weekend as his wife was hardly around. Now, his best friend who got married last month has started disturbing me, saying his friend has told him how good I am in bed and that he is willing to do anything to get me.

It saddens me that two best friends just want me as a side chic. I am actually a first class student in my department with good business sense – said that because some people here will think I am a dunce. I am not.

The first guy found out about his friend’s intentions and they had a serious fight over me but they later made up. We all went for a night out last week Sunday and I slept off, only for me to wake up in a room and find his friend on top of me, enjoying himself. I pushed him off but didn’t tell anyone.

He apologized and even sent me 50k to take care of myself. He said he would take care of everything, even if it results into a baby but I have used plan B. My fear now is that once my main guy finds out about this, he will kill me because he has warned me that if I ever cheat on him, he will make life miserable for me.

I have been crying because I am afraid of the unknown and his friend still keeps disturbing me. Now, my main guy has invited me over to his house next weekend but don’t want to go. It hurts seeing his wife prepare my dishes, not knowing that I can strip her off her title if I wish. I feel like I am wasting my life and I am just 21. I don’t know how to get my life back on track and now my mind is advising me to get pregnant for him so he can take me to France as he promised he would if I ever take in. I know he loves me so much because he keeps showing it every day. Or is he lying and only using me? I am in a mess but don’t know what to do. He said he will never leave me even if I tried to. I am confused.

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“Dear MIMsters: Is This Married Man I’m Dating Really Sincere Or Just Using Me?”
  • All this kind stories dey run my belle abeg. I see you have not learnt your lesson with your cousin’s husband. Bravo babe, keep distributing your honey pot to all the married men in town. And FYI, no married man takes his side chic seriously. You are just a confused young girl and you need serious help. It saddens me to read your stories, I am trying hard not to judge you here because I am not without sin.

  • You need to see a shrink asap cos you ain’t OK, you need your brain examined seriously. I can’t waste my energy on you cos it’s pointless, you even have the effrontery to call him your main guy, really?????

    Go and confide in your mom what a mess you have made with your life so she can seek help on your behalf.

  • the spirit of fornication is gambling with ur life,u re a very shameless girl ..give ur life to Christ and flee from sexual immorality

  • the spirit of fornication is gambling with ur life,u shld be ashamed girl ..give ur life to Christ and flee from sexual immorality

  • Pls stop going to that Man’s house and respect your self. All these men are just using you, passing you around like a commodity and you think you are special to them. Imagine he told his friend how sweet you are and his friend wants to have a taste of you. You are attracted to married men because you like having what belongs to someone else which is stealing. You have to break this jinx through prayers and self control. Get to know a guy very well before getting intimate, you are risking your life by going to a stranger’s house at night, staying for the weekend and even sleeping with the man under his wife’s nose. Haba, you need deliverance!

  • You need help both spiritually and psychologically. You need the help ASAP because it’s an emergency. I feel for you

  • Wonders shall never end. You are only 21 and you are this evil!!! You seriously need deliverance not any advice from here.
    Where is your mother, is she not praying? Is she sleeping with her two eyes closed???
    What Is your mission in life? To be destroying marriages up and down?
    If you like go and get pregnant for that man o, that is when you will know the real meaning of suffering.

  • its just the devil playing with your mind….he will drive you to do more crazy tins until he kills you and your conscience…..I once had a mind issue….the only person you need is Jesus…believe me it might seem funny to u…so it was to me until I realised I was heading towards destruction and death……besides watever u do today, the consequences awaits you 2mao….see a pastor of a believing church or pray to God to help you out….uve been chained to bring death to yourself slowly until you die physically

    • God bless you. My thoughts exactly. The devil has thought to sift this lady like wheat. I bet she is beautiful and intelligent. Sweetheart seek God he will save you and make your life beautiful. I pray you do this and write to us your testimony.

  • See how well u advertised yourself. Marriage of 2 months n the man is already tired n can’t stay without you. run to God now for deliverance cos u r not gud as a sex giver as you think the devil is out to ruin your life n your destiny. God will direct your part if you allow him

  • Dear poster, it is so painful dt after d incident wit ur cousin u stil chose to move on with anoda married man, it is obvious dt u av nt learnt ur lesson and are u seriously asking if anoda woman’s hubby is using u or sincere wit u?
    My dear poster dt man is nt and will never b urs, my only advice for u is to back out of dis mess, settek for God’s forgiveness and never go back to d sin again.

  • Then when karma srikes you, you’ll start crying saying God is not a fair God. soon, your deeds will catch up with you but looking at how materialistic you are it’ll be too late. money is not everything my sister. focus on school and everything will fall into place. also, please try and seek deliverance as i feel it is not normal to only be attaracted to married me.

  • You are acting under an influence or a curse, you need prayers and deliverance not advice n may God have mercy on you. It’s spiritual

  • Dating a married man is a dead end.Kill that desire in you.What you need is true love from a single man who definitely won’t stand it with sex so that you know he is serious.Make up your mind to live a better life.

  • R u serious right now…want to ask you one simple question wat is it you want in this life, is it to destroy marriages or wat? cos after posting about ur cousin n claimin how sorry you are. You are here with a story no different from your cousins and you have the effortary to say you could strip of ‘her title if you wish’ MY GOD. You are more pathetic than i thought and you think getting pregnant for him will solve your sorry ass….my dear how NAIVE can you be. Pls Get ur life and head together n get out of this mess you ve created for yourself and take God seriously bcos hes the only one who can help and save you ,not those two MARRIED men. You are young so the earlier you start correcting the mistakes before its too late,the better.Turn to God now n repent from this sick and twisted behaviour of yours.

  • Nne ur problem is U. U want to belong to heaven knows level get pregnant and he will take u to France as baby mama or what.I can see greatness in u but u allowed d devil to use u. My dearest sister u need Christ in ur life

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