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Is She Pretending? See MFM Bride’s Church and After Church Look On Her Wedding Day

According to a social media user who shared the two photos, this Mountain of Fire Ministry, MFM, bride was drastically transformed during her wedding reception.

As we all know that MFM has very strict rules on bridal appearances, so her look above was for the church service, meaning she adhered to the strict rules to avoid any hassles and postponed the ‘Facebeat’ and glamming up till the reception.


See the great transformation… Absolutely amazing!

The photos making the rounds on social media have been criticised by many while some praised her for being herself.

Edonyx, an Instagram user said: ”More Strength to her as she embarks on this journey of living two lives. One for the Church and the other for the streets?”

”Who’s deceiving who? You wanna be in MFM but you don’t wanna leave shakara???” another commenter wrote.

”The smile on her face in the first pic like “they dont know what I’m planning” another one wrote.

A commenter writes: ”But every church has its doctrines and beliefs, the same way female catholics do not wear trousers to church and cover their hair and Anglicans too. The same way a catholic sinner needs to go confess his sins to a priest and an mfm member can ask for forgiveness from his room. To each man his own belief. ..Judge not!”

faithmartins: ”Nah f*ck that. That’s why many people run away from Christianity. Especially the African churches. Y’all force your views on people. That’s not right. She should be allowed to wear what she want on her own wedding. Y’all just over kmt ?”

”I am a member and there’s nothing like them not making members feel great on their day. The G.o has said if you can’t abide by the rules, don’t come. Its that easy,” a member of the church clarified.

Photo credit: Instagram


15 Discussions on
“Is She Pretending? See MFM Bride’s Church and After Church Look On Her Wedding Day”
  • Lol. She obeyed the church doctrine na. I just wonder how long it took to transform her before joining her guests at the reception venue.

  • Abegi,madam b urself jor.i lyk ur stlye tho.wen ur mfm members cum 2 d reception,if they dnt lyk wt dey see,let them leave.dey dnt own n dey shuld pls leave witout eating n sovenirs o

    • I guess u are a member too
      .who set the rules..God or Pastors .?
      Fuck rules..God does not say we shuld not look good..I guess the same rules does not affect ur pastors who leave in mansion and buying bullet proof cars with private jet, flying @ will..hmmm
      And d same rules tell the church member to leave in in poverty and still bring there hard earned money to brother plsss let her be..she fucking happy with herslf and God is happy with her …rest my case..

  • Your wedding day is supposed to be memorable with nice pictures to memorize with. Why will some church want to ruin it for you? I love your way jaree…..

  • She may probably not be an MFM member but only wed ded there to honor her parents . and may not be a matter of hypocrisy or living a double life. Just my opinion.

  • Sometimes church wedding is done to respect parents who are serious member in d church. Church may be for d parents but reception is her own. Who doesn’t like it should go and hug transformer. Love ur style girl.

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