5 Telltale Signs Your Baby Is Not Getting Enough Sleep

Do you always have a hard time getting your baby to get some shut-eye at night or during the day and wonder if baby is getting too little sleep? While any concerns you may have about your baby should be discussed with a paediatrician, here are 5 telltale signs baby may not be getting enough sleep to foster overall good health…

1. Constant crankiness throughout the day. If your baby is constantly cranky or irritable throughout the day for no apparent reason, he may be overtired from not getting enough sleep. Note that babies from 0 – 3 months should get 16 – 18 hours of sleep (including night time sleep and naps during the day) daily. 15 – 16 hours of sleep daily (every 24 hours) is recommended for 3 – 6-month-olds, while babies between 6 -12 months should get  14 – 15 hours of sleep.

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Your 1 – 3-year old should be getting 12 – 14 hours of sleep every 24 hours.

2. Baby is usually drowsy. A baby who is getting adequate sleep usually transits from being fully awake to sleep within 5 – 20 minutes. If your baby always appears drowsy and usually drifts off to sleep before his usual bedtime routine is completed, he is likely overtired due to inadequate sleep.

3. You always have to wake baby up in the mornings. If your baby is between 4 – 6 months, he should be accustomed to his daily routine and wake on his own around the time he’s due for his morning bath, feed, and so on. However, if you always have to wake baby up by this age, he is likely making up for lost sleep due to frequent waking during the night.

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4. Baby isn’t active. Apart from crankiness and drowsiness, you may also notice baby appears not to be interested in play activities.

5. You are sleep deprived too. If your baby hardly sleeps, as his caregiver, it’s likely written all over you as you are also stressed out and fatigued due to too little shut-eye.

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