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5 Things We Love About Yummy Mummy, Uche Jombo

Celebrity mum, Uche Jombo, is not a new name across Nigeria and most of Africa, and definitely not a new face on your TV screens. The Wives On Strike  star, who made her first appearance in 1999, has over 60 movies to her name, and has produced over 12 movies also.

She’s graceful and strong in every area that can be associated to and with her. We would just quickly highlight 5 things that we love about her:

1) Uche Is A Fighter For Self-Love

She is not the first, nor would she be the last to be bashed by fans about her body, how much weight she gained or lost, but she is scertainly part of the very few who stand up for themselves and are not ashamed about their bodies at all, loving and showing off every curve in the most gracious and decent manner possible, it is simply breathetaking.



2) Uche Is A Super Mum And Wife

How the star keeps a balance between her career, being a full time mum and wife to her husband, Kenny Rodriguez is simply astonishing. The mother of one said in an earlier interview that shuttling between Nigeria, and America, where her husband lives is a routine she is well accustomed too. Talk about being a devoted wife?! She also doesn’t miss the opportunity to show off and dot over her lovely son, as she describes the experience of being a first time mum as “surreal”.



3) Uche Is Energetic And Fun!

Her energy and passion is seen, when u watch her movies, its almost like she’s one with the character, (an actor who knows what shes doing). From funny roles, to sad roles, to happy roles, to mean roles, Uche’s power radiates through the screen. Of course we cant forget her dance moves even when she was pregnant!


4)She is a supportive wife

She is one of Nollywoods’s interracial couples with her husband, Kenny Rodroguez. She says thats despite the culture shock, she says that you just have to keep going. Knowing when to post things on social media, and when to keep your life private. Every marriage has its trials and tests, and you just have to keep going. Uche says thats despite being a mum, entrepreneur and wife, she doesn’t let one mistake define her journey. She takes one day at a time, learning as she goes along.



5) Uche is a Mum-preneur

She doesn’t just make her money from being a star gazing actress, she is also a producer!. She is the executive producer of movies such as Nollywood Hustlers, Holding Hope, Damage, Broken Silence, My Life My Damage, The Place, A Mother’s Fight and many others. She also operates an NGO, Uche Jombo and You, helping the Nigerian youth with dreams of becoming writers and actors actualize their dreams. She is all shades of awesome.


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