10 Reasons To Give Your Children Christmas Gifts

Moyin Kalu

It is Christmas once again, and everybody, especially our children are geared up for the holiday season. The excitement is lit! It’s as bright as the lights shining on your Christmas tree, if you have one. Apart from the break from school, the one thing that children look forward to is those christmas gifts they patiently waited all year for.

Don’t let the recession take the shine out of this holiday as we list a number of reasons to give your child a gift this Christmas. Remember, it’s not about the price, the volume or the size of the gift, it’s about the gesture and what it signifies.

1. You don’t want them to feel left out

Children get together to play, when you go visiting or go to the park with them. Like adults, when children are in a “fun environment” they tend to share details about themselves, and as far as Christmas goes, you don’t want them feeling left out during this festive period, saying, “oh my parents didn’t get me anything”.

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2. You want to reward your child’s patience

Apart from their birthdays or rare accomplishments, it would help to teach your child to be patient. You don’t want to go out and buy them everything on the list they gave, as some will have to wait till Christmas.

3. It’s a good opportunity to them contentment

Your gift to your child will vary from what the other parents will get for their kids. It might be cooler or may not come close to being as school as what other kids got. It’s an opportunity to teach your child to be content and less envious of what his friends got.

4. You want to give your child beautiful memories

Memories, are easily made, but hard to forget. You would want your child to grow up, having sweet memories of when mummy gave him the bicycle he always wanted, or when daddy bought her the doll set she waited for all year.

5. You want them to learn lessons on giving

Giving your child a gift, during Christmas, teaches them how to give back too! Very soon they will be giving you presents too!. Hand made or bought with their saved up pocket- money because, like it or not they watch you and the kind of things that you do.

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6. You want your child to feel secure

A secure and stable home becomes the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives.  If you started giving your child gifts already during Christmas, and your thinking of changing that routine, think again!

7. You want to feed your child’s self-esteem

A gift from mum or dad, tells a child that mum and dad values them. Gifts at a time like this validates our children. Children who feel validated are likely to have self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

8. You want to teach your child how to be optimistic

So you aren’t very happy with your baby, he didn’t do too well this term during his exams. You don’t want to give him a gift, because you think he doesn’t deserve it? No. Chances are he already feels bad, even if he doesn’t show it. A gift from you, will let him know that you still believe in him. He made a mistake but the new year is going to usher in new prospects.

9. You want to teach your child honesty

If you already promised your child a gift, and you don’t get it, your child is going to conclude that you aren’t honest. Children are very fragile, what you do or don’t do affects them in ways that we may not understand. If you promised your child something, go get it!

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10. You want to teach your child love

…But the greatest of these is love. You love your child, (obviously) that’s why you are going to get them that gift.

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