4 Signs That Motherhood Is Upstaging Your Style and How You Can Fix It

Today’s modern woman is ever conscious of her appearance when she steps out in the public eye. From her clothing, to her shoes and to her ever important accessories, they all represent her personal style and fashion sense. But when the modern, stylish woman becomes a mother, her attention to personal style could slowly disappear as the needs of her new family addition become front and center. Consider 4 signs that motherhood maybe upstaging your personal fashion style and what you can do about it.

If much of your prep time is consumed with the baby’s needs leaving you with little to no time left to devote to yourself, chances are you are not giving yourself or your personal style enough attention. Mothers have to manage their time in a way that satisfies her needs and the needs of her family. This may mean getting up an hour early before everyone else, taking advantage of naptime or quiet moments during the day, or staying up a little later after the family has settled down for the night to make time for preparing an outfit, accessories and makeup for the next day.

Too often women use the “I’m a mom” excuse when uncomfortable feelings set in during conversations about personal fashion. Being a mother does not mean that a woman has to sacrifice her personal style but rather she should embrace it. Motherhood is a time to experiment and try something new. Nothing adds more trend and style to an otherwise bland outfit than the perfect accessories. Accessories provide the balance needed to turn a plain outfit into an ensemble fit for the runway. Accessories allow moms to dibble and dabble into a little bit of everything in order to find that which accentuates her fashion flair. Therefore, mothers should not be afraid to push the limits when experimenting with the right look and feel of new colors, fabrics, prints and accessories like belts, handbags, jewelry and makeup.

A third sign that motherhood may be upstaging your style could be the compliments that your baby’s outfits are getting compared to the lack of compliments you are receiving. This does not mean that baby shouldn’t be stylish too, but rather it means that mom AND baby together should always receive mutual comments. When planning an outing, preparing for an appointment, or running an errand, try to find a way to coordinate some or all of your outfit with the baby’s outfit. Is baby wearing a hat today? Well, stretch your style and add a hat or hair accessory to your outfit. What color are you planning to put on the baby? Check your closet for the same color or a complimentary one.

A mother’s constant accessory when baby is in tow is the diaper bag. The diaper bag will be a mainstay for at least 3 years after the birth of the baby which is the perfect reason to ensure that you are carrying a baby bag that you like for its functionality but also adore for how it represents your personality. Diaper bags have undergone a radical change from its traditional predecessor. Today’s baby bags are modern, chic and stylish. In fact, they do not resemble a baby bag in anyway. They are now dubbed “designer” because of their fashionable appeal, design, and quality. Don’t underestimate the power of the designer diaper bag to provide an instant makeover just by carrying it on your arm. It alone will elicit compliments and questions from complete strangers. These stylish baby bags will definitely survive the baby and toddler years in prime condition to be used as your very own handbag or messenger bag.

Every mother finds herself dealing with one or all of these signs as some point during her journey through motherhood. But the modern mother can take heed to these warning signs to get back to being the stylish woman she once was. Just taking a little care while dressing up and using the right accessories like a designer baby diaper bag can set everything right.

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