Lagos Pastor Reveals Negative Prophecies About Funke Akindele’s Marriage and Fertility

A popular Lagos-based man of God and founder of Mountain of Blessing and Miracle Church of Christ, Olagorioye Faleyimu, has revealed damning prophecies against some A-list celebrities in Nigeria, among which is Funke Akindele- Bello.

According to sources, the heartbreaking reports were made on Christmas Day at his church in Lagos. Faleyimu, is one of the popular prophets in the country who frequently predict major occurrences in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

According to him, “The showbiz stars both in the music and movie industry should pray for 5 elders and 5 young ones so that they won’t die this year. This year is a hard time for musicians and actors. They should be prayerful because I see some of them selling their properties while others become beggars”.

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According to reports, a star Yoruba actor Arakangudu was reported dead on February 18th 2016. Furthermore, over 17 showbiz stars died in the last 12 months including Henrietta Kosoko, Itakure, Bukky Ajayi and many others. Many believe that these incidents are in line with the prophet’s predictions, however; these claims are not verifiable.

Dr. Olagorioye Faleyimu

In his words:

”I have been giving prophecies concerning the industry and Nigeria as a whole which none has ever failed. There is a big tree in the industry disturbing them and this tree has to be cut off before they could be set free. Just look back, some years ago, you hardly heard about showbiz stars dying but there is something amidst them now which is seriously disturbing and  it must be removed. It is a battle though.

They need to pray like never before so as not to lose another 2 stars before the year runs out. A popular actress in Nollywood, Funke Akindele who was once in the Yoruba movie industry should pray deeply so as to have children.

Without  special prayers, she won’t have a child before she dies because she is destined to be wealthy and famous but not destined to have a child and husband until she engages herself in the special prayer. Whosoever marries her must have another reason because the issue of not having a child will keep coming up and it will scatter the marriage.

If she refuses to do the prayer, she will end up adopting a child and by that time, she will be living alone without husband. Another grace she has is to marry a pastor who can fight the battle on her behalf with prayers.”

Meanwhile, after the alleged prophecy came to light, OAP Freeze took to his page to say an open prayer, rejecting the prophecy.

He wrote:


”I reverse any negative prophesy over your life in the name of Jesus! You will enjoy your marriage and it will be fruitful in every aspect. You married your best friend and nothing, I repeat NOTHING, will ruin that friendship or relationship in the mighty name of JESUS!

I nullify any proclamation against you or your marriage with the blood of JESUS. In a few months there will be the cry of a healthy child in your arms and joy, success and love will continue to be your portion always.

Please my dear, hold on to this prophesy and ignore any other one. ~FRZ”

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