What Your Child Really Really Needs

Parenting demands much commitment, a   deep sense of responsibility and  perseverance. A parent must give a child more than food, shelter, clothing, health and education which are the basics. A child must be given proper self-esteem, must feel needed and wanted and secured in a family structure. Did you know that your child’s personality is influenced by his background, environment, physical, mental, emotional and social needs? What he experiences positively will make him outstanding and help to mould him to become a success in life. Your child needs;

Love and Affection: Beyond giving your child money and presents, your child needs the security that comes from knowing that he is accepted, wanted and loved by his family. You have to be willing to hug your child, show him affection every day, and feel comfortable doing so. Spend quality time with your child on a daily basis if you can, and be there to share his thoughts and feelings. If you always seem too busy for your child, he’s more likely to feel neglected and withdrawn. Use this opportunity when the children are young because kids grow up so quickly and missed opportunities are lost for ever. Problem children are most often the product of inadequate love received from parents and care givers.

A Positive Role Model: A role model is one, whose character and mind set is worthy of emulation. Does your child see you as a good role model? Little minds process what they see their parents do and hear them say. Children learn from people and things that they see around them. You are a role model to your child whether you realize it or not and you should put into practice the ideals that you encourage them to have. Having good values and habits as parents will make you become good mentors and friends to your child. Teach him right from wrong by examples and use every day experiences to help your child learn the basic lessons of life.

A Restraining Force: Your child requires a restraining force that will define boundaries and set limits to his young wild temperaments. Instilling positive discipline in the life of your child is one of the greatest privilege that you will ever give to him. You should be consistent and clear with the rules you make, and the standards that you set. Consequences and punishments following the breaking of these rules should also be made clear. Discipline should be done with love and not out of frustration, irritation or transferred aggression from your spouse or boss.

Fun Time: You should make your child’s childhood days memorable by having so fun with him and by engaging in enjoyable activities together. These fun activities will enhance his creativity and learning skills. Playing with your child will give him feelings of importance and accomplishment while you’ll be making an investment in his character. Get into the pool with your child, draw, paint, sing, dance, whatever you both enjoy doing.

Exposure and Traveling: You can open your child’s mind by traveling along with him. Seeing new places, experiencing different types of subcultures, meeting people who live differently than you do can cause your child to think more flexibly and adapt to new surroundings. It heightens geographical awareness, will increase your child’s intelligence and curiosity to learn new things. When you travel, ask questions at different spots and explain what he doesn’t understand and  keep your kid mentally flexible, and in a better position to appreciate other people’s feelings and lifestyle.

Positive Reflections: Much of your child’s self-image comes not only from what he perceives about himself, but from how he thinks others perceive him. Do not reflect negative images to your child but let him know that his opinions and desires matter to you and that you find pleasure in them. You should give your child positive reflections that would make him learn to think well of himself and will make him willingly rely on you to tell him when his behaviors are not acceptable. Let your child feel free to express himself and do not stuff his feelings with too much of your supervision.

To Be Home-Wise not Street Smarts: Sometimes, you may run into the idea that your child should be exposed to children with different values so that he can choose for himself. The truth is that, your child is too valuable to be left to chance because he may end up choosing the wrong values. It is advisable that you screen your child’s friends and make your home inviting to them. Encourage and discourage him on his choice of friends depending on the values they come with and uphold.

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