Dear Mimsters: How do I make amends for this sin I unknowingly engaged in with a man of God?

Sometimes we sin unknowingly not knowing where the repercussion would come from.

In mid 2016, I met a man on my way coming from a super market. He looked rugged and a bit old in a Lexus 350 car. He walked out of his car to me and started praising my looks. He was with his friend. I ignored them at first cause they looked so much like players. He demanded for my contact but I refused until he almost embarrassed me by following me up my street till I gave him a line I only use for browsing.

Later that evening, he called me to come hang out with him in his hotel room but I told him I don’t hang out with people  dont know. He left the following day for his base and called me to promise me heaven on earth, but I ignored him.

I decided to play along since he seemed to be flaunting excessive money. He came around again and this time took me for shopping and bought me an expensive phone. We were flowing till he invited me to his hotel room which I refused to honour. We kept communicating till I started liking him. It was on that day he asked me to be his girlfriend.

He confirmed he was married with 3 kids and had a lovely wife but I couldn’t resist his kindness towards me, so we began dating but I made sure his wife never suspected as he loves his family so dearly. We never spoke when he’s at home. Sometimes my instinct told me there’s was something else about this guy. He claimed he was rugged before Christ arrested him.

Each time he comes to visit me, he tells his wife he came for a contract in the government house and he just finished a meeting with the governor. I asked him why and he said he’s handling a contract in my area. There was this day he told me he was going to the north to do a charity work which involved feeding people on the street. I wondered what kind of man would leave south south down to the north to give to the needy.

He left but kept communicating with me, updating me on all his activities that day. Three days after, I called him all day but he didn’t pick up. I was so devastated if anything could have happened to him. One week after he called me. I was bitter that it took so long to hear from him, knowing too I would be worried. It resulted to an argument. He didn’t tell me he was back home to his family if not, I wouldn’t have called.

Finally, he shouted on me and told me that I want to destroy his marriage. He dropped the call and never called me again. Before now he told me he was not on WhatsApp, but one day he called with a strange number which I saved, it was registered with WhatsApp. I kept monitoring him. I also tried all I could to find him on Facebook which took me so long. Finally, I saw this man and his lovely family.

Lo and behold I saw this man dressed as a BISHOP. This man I’ve been dating is a Bishop. His friend that was with him in the car that day who helped him to toast me is also a Pastor and owns a church in Port Harcourt. My heart melted and I felt so disappointed.

I added the wife’s account and I want to confess to her but will disguise it was my friend he was dating. I want to teach him a mini lesson for approaching me like the womanizer he truely is. He really lavished his money on me but I felt guilty when I discovered that he is a Bishop, a confirmed one.

My question is: should I still chat his wife up and let her know that her husband disrespects God and is a false prophet or should I let it die? He still called me once in a while but I’ve stopped and blocked him from calling me.

I can’t believe this is the same man who used to give his kid the phone to speak with me when the wife is out of town.

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“Dear Mimsters: How do I make amends for this sin I unknowingly engaged in with a man of God?”
  • Ohhhhh please do not cause trouble in his home…. He strayed and has come back to his senses. Please let it die. Please am begging you. Please. Just let it pass.

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmm call him with an unknown number ,confess ask for forgiveness and brake the line and cute contact with the man

  • Two wrongs do not make a right. Pls move on with ur life and ask God for forgiveness. God will pay the man in his coin. Pls save the poor wife this heart ache.

  • Hmmmmmmmmmm you are feeling hurt because he shouted at you and stopped keeping in touch not because he’s a bishop. Please leave him alone and move on with your life. His karma is in front. I don’t understand what he teaches his congregation. Just ask God to forgive you and forget about him. He is not worth the trouble. Plus don’t bring his wife into all of these.

  • You are feeling bad because he is a ‘Bishop’ and not because he is a married man. In other words, it’s ok to date a married man but not a ‘man of God’. Let me reserve my comment but just allow the poor woman to be

  • Don’t waste your time and energy trying to revenge, most of these bishop’s wives know about their husbands’ philandering lifestyles. Just move on with your life and please stop dating married men.

  • Point of correction u did not sin unknowingly, first u slept wt a man u were not married (that is a sin since u are quoting Bible), 2ndly,U slept wt a married man(another sin biblically, socially and morally, remember u r the one calling sin o,not mua),so biko don’t bring in the unknowingly sinning aspect
    I think u r just bittered that ur income crashed wtout u saving, have u thought this man might have genuinely met Christ where he met and wants to make things right wt his family ?to me u don’t even have a case bc u dated him knowing he is married, so since he realises he is fed up,biko pick up the pieces of ur life and savour what u gained
    That he is a bishop or not is not ur business except u r a blackmailer,leave him for God to deal with&MOVE ON!

  • Hahaha, you are such an hypocrite. It is girls like you that ruins marriages but remember the saying “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WISH OTHERS TO DO TO YOU”.

    May God also allow some girl do such to your husband, AMEN.

  • Two wrongs can never make a right, ask for forgiveness and let God deal with him, not surprise at all cos there are a lot of fake Pastor/Bishop

  • Please call a spade a spade, you knew he was married and you still went ahead to date him. Please if he was not spending money on you will you date him at all. Hw can you disrespect the marriage institution and you re being sad because you found out he is a bishop. You better get your priorities right coz it seems ur morals are upside down. Please leave the wife alone better move on what nonsense.

  • Well my own opinion is that must pay for this sin. A Christian is not a sinner and a sinner is not a Christian,read 1John 3vs8-9. If u fear GOD at all,u can not be involved or lured. Please to be on a safer side of God,go to his church and tell them all u did with him. Read 1Timothy 5vs20. He will still do more and thinking he is smarter,he will go to hell with many women like u if not u repented. A sinner will not go unpunished. It can cost u Heaven if not treated well. He must be exposed

  • U are d terrible person here. U claim to be pained cos u found out he is a bishop, as d christian with fear of God that u are abi? I know it was painful u stopped getting cash from him, that’s why u started stalking him on social media tiiillllllll u found him, realising he is a bishop. Men like chasing, he chased n caught u, used u and is tru wit u. U will def reap what u sow, just like Tonto dike is doing, a woman cries on her knees begging God to touch her husband while u ladies wire d man in a hotel room, becos u have Ukwu. Don’t worry, ur time is coming.

  • Hmm I feel your pain and it’s quite unfortunate that you were blinded by love. Thank God for a loving mum like yours. Just let it go because even the scriptures tell us not to pay evil with evil. Take care of yourself and your son. May Jehovah God be with you.

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