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10 Most Useful Items For Your Baby

By Ndidi Adekunle

Shopping for a new baby can be a very intense event. The list of items to buy can be endless, depending on who is being consulted for advice: your own mother or mother in law, another experienced young mum, the internet, you name it. In Africa for instance, you’re bound to experience a rush of advice about what is or isn’t important to buy. It can be very confusing and overwhelming, especially for one whose budget is tight. So you don’t really want to be buying anything that’s not going to be useful, that will be thrown in the trash earlier than you expected. We bring to you then, these voted 10 most useful items for babies (in no particular order). We’re saying then, that in all your getting, make sure you get these…..

1.A Sterilizing Unit

2.A play pen

3.A set of Avent feeding bottles

4.An electric breast pump(or battery operated)

5.A baby gym/play mat

6.A cot

7.A car seat

8.A high chair

9.A baby bath with a stand

10.A strong baby carrier


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“10 Most Useful Items For Your Baby”

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