7 Things Not To Say to A Working Mum

More and more mothers are choosing to work, either out of necessity or because they just need to get a sense of fulfillment and they love their careers.

Amidst the comments that mothers get regularly about how to parent their children, some people just don’t know when to keep their opinions and advice to themselves. Some questions however, are well-intentioned, others are just flat-out rude. People need to remember that words can hurt and create a false sense of guilt. Mums are trying to do the best they can for their families, and it can be a lot of pressure sometimes.

Before making an unjust accusation or statement to a working mum, put yourself in their situation and realize you don’t know the whole story or the thoughts that accompany it. Below are a list of things that are not so nice to say to a working mum:

1) “You should make the sacrifice and stay at home with your kids”

Being a mother doesn’t mean that a woman cannot have a career or earn a living. Statements like this, are effects of the long lasting effects of gender inequality is Nigeria. A woman is already making a sacrifice, by going out to toil, earning extra to support her husband so her family can have the lifestyle they deserve.

2) “Raising a child is the most important job there is”

True, it is the most important job and the best job. People do it in different ways. Some prefer to be full-time stay at home moms, while others choose to balance motherhood and career. It is their choice to make, and not yours.

3) “You wont have enough time to clean and cook”

She is not going to spend the whole day at work, some women have very flexible jobs which might afford them the time to still handle their duties. Good planning and organizing also affords a woman the opportunity to manage her career and still be a good mum.

4) “Don’t you feel like you are missing out on everything ?”

In the spirit of being realistic and factual, children do not cross major mile stones the hours you are away at work.

5) ” Is it because your husband cannot provide enough you are working?”

No. Her husband provides well enough. She isn’t on the verge of poverty, she just has a yearning, and a passion that she has followed.

6) “How can you trust somebody else with your kids?”

No mum should have to apologize for having extra help to look after her children. Chances are, she misses them and cant wait to see them after work, statements like this just create a false sense of guilt.

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