New Beginnings: 9 Year old Lagos Boy who Vowed to be a “Yahoo Boy” Resumes School

Remember Segun, the 9-year-old Lagos boy who became an internet sensation after a video of himself declaring that he must become a ‘Yahoo boy’ went viral? (read here). Well, he has finally returned to school.

For those who don’t know, in Nigerian pop culture terms, “Yahoo boys” refer to fraudulent men who get rich quick by conducting Internet fraud.

Segun now attends a private school all thanks to the help of funds from kind-hearted Nigerians. The youngster who already has an Instagram page with over 51k followers, shared a photo of himself in school uniform. He included a touching caption along with the photo:

“In the face of every obstacle, I survived without a bruise! Because I don’t believe in IMPOSSIBLE and that’s what get me through.

Some months back I left the public school I was attending because I felt I deserve a standard education without a penny and any hope of resuming in a better one ……I prayed and had faith!!

Am so happy to announce to you all now that am now a student of qualified private school with the help of GOD and all the support have been getting from YOU ALL. I now get picked and dropped by a school bus. Words can’t be enough to express how grateful I am!! To everybody that has been sending me funds so I could have a better life …may you all be favored before men and GOD #AMEN

Most especially big thanks to @zlatan_ibile and @i_am_kakadu for all their endless efforts …..I will make you all proud walaitalai”

Photo credit: Instagram

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“New Beginnings: 9 Year old Lagos Boy who Vowed to be a “Yahoo Boy” Resumes School”

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