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Touching Story of How a Woman Endured and Overcame Years of Domestic Violence

The issue of domestic violence cannot be over emphasized. Women who fall prey to this heinous experience struggle to move on with their lives. 36-year old Alice Keale, (pseudonym) has opened up about her years of torture and abuse from her partner whom she thought was the man of her dreams.

Speaking with Mirror Uk, Keale revealed that it had only been weeks of dating when her boyfriend, Joe asked her to move in with him. Joe went through Keale’s phone one day and discovered a message from her ex and from that moment onward, their relationship began to deteriorate. Little did she know, she was going to endure series of domestic violence, abuse and control incidents.

She added that he ordered her to cut her hair, quit her job and also run through the streets naked in order to prove her love for him. Joe banned her from contacting her family members and also prohibited her from using the internet.

He subjected her to so much turmoil and she allegedly had to take a lie detector test to prove she wasn’t lying to him.

“It was constant questioning from one day into the next. I wasn’t able to go into work. The amount of times I had to run naked or in my underwear around the streets or around the house, she said of the ways Joe would ask her to humiliate herself to prove she loved him”

She recalled a time he had his hands around her throat and bashed her head against this floor. This made her scared to report him to the authorities, because she feared he might kill her.

When she finally expressed her desire to end the relationship with him, she said:

“He would threaten to cut himself. He would get knives from the kitchen and put them under the duvet and pretend to be stabbing himself. I wanted to help him, but it was just another form of control.”

Two years later, Alice summoned courage and finally left Joe. She spent four months bed-ridden. During this period, Alice, decided to document her experience in a memoir. Four years on, Alice says she is trying to move on with her life.

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