8 Ways to Prevent and Improve the Appearance of Stretch Marks

1. Drink Plenty of Water– It has actually been proven time and time again that drinking 64-80 ounces of water a day is vital to our body’s health and well-being. Not just can dehydration dry out your skin, but it can trigger headaches, bloating, and general tiredness. Keeping your body filled with water keeps your body from preserving the water that you do give it, enabling it to work effectively, promoting soft and elastic skin along with general wellness.

2. Consume a Healthy Diet plan– Your physician has actually told you. The books have told you. The internet informs you. Eating a healthy diet plan consisting of plenty of vegetables and fruits (and avoiding those sugary and starched foods) is good for your wellness and your child’s wellness. It likewise helps you stay clear of obtaining too much weight throughout your pregnancy. I understand that you can not help your yearnings, and I was the worst at managing what I ate. However fruits, veggies, and protein truly are what’s finest for you!

3. Watch Weight Gain– If you’re at a healthy weight when conceiving, the general guideline is to acquire 25-35 lbs during pregnancy. This is ideal for your body and for your child. This likewise helps avoid over stretching of the skin due to excess weight gain. I did not follow this insight and I had some awful stretch marks at the end of my pregnancy.

4. Do Stretching Exercises Before/During/After Pregnancy– Please bear in mind to discuss any exercise with your physician before attempting it. There are hundreds of Pregnancy Yoga videos out there. Find one that does not make you want to shriek (I tossed a few of them at the wall after attempting them) and keep at it! Not just will this help in the prevention of stretch marks, however it will assist you relax and it will assist prepare your body for the act of child birth! And do not forget those Kegel excercises. They are very ESSENTIAL!

5. Use a Stretch Mark Cream– Not just will it assist in the gentleness of your skin, however these very special and powerful ingredients promote elasticity in your skin assisting it to stretch as your growing belly does. My stretch marks have been significantly reduced because I started using this.

6. Rub Area with a Coffee Grind/Sugar Scrub– There are numerous recipes for this out on the internet. Find one you like. I personally advise waiting to use this till after you have delivered. While I did not entirely stay clear of caffeine throughout my pregnancy, I did my finest to limit my consumption. It is widely believed that coffee grinds minimize cellulite along with stretch marks.

7. Use a Dry Brush– Yet another way to exfoliate. It’s believed that dry brushing promotes better circulation and general wellness of the skin and body. Many individuals use this to treat cellulite. It’s finest to dry brush before a shower when the skin is still dry. And use a brush with natural bristles (absolutely nothing synthetic).

8. Exfoliate During Shower– Find a good quality loofa. I like my showers. I always feel so freshened after exfoliating with a loofa and some relaxing bath gel. This helps abrade all that dead skin that is drying your body out.


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