6 Struggles That Are All Too Real For Third Trimester Mums

Simple day to day activities are taken for granted when one is not pregnant or about give birth. These daily life tasks for most people take little to no effort but for women in their third trimester, it takes every ounce of their exhausted, swollen bodies to accomplish them.

Read about some of them below. Can you relate?

1. Falling asleep

You are tired all day, counting the hours and the minutes till bedtime. Then finally it’s  night time! You crawl into bed and to your dismay, you can’t even fall asleep. Even when you fall asleep, you find your self waking up every 20 minutes.

Welcome to the life of a trimester mom! With a few kicks to the ribs and at least one to the cervix, your baby has just decided that night time is the best time to stay awake.

2. Eating a normal meal 

Most times, when third-trimester moms eat something as little as a sandwich, they take two or three bites and immediately feel full.

A non-pregnant woman on the other hand, will eat the same sandwich and something else on the side. Sigh.

However, that feeling of being full remains for a good couple of hours until, without any warning, you are unbelievably hungry again.

You know the funny thing? They will not feel like eating their half-eaten sandwich anymore, because due to raging hormones, the leftover  has suddenly become disgusting to them.

3. Turning in bed

We all turn in bed and switch positions. However, in the world of a third trimester mum; before your body turns, your tummy has turned or you feel gravity pulling your tummy down.

If you manage to turn to one side, all of a sudden the previous position becomes appealing again, you find your self repeating the process all through the night. Now do you understand why pregnant women are so cranky?

4. Putting on your shoes

How do you get past that huge bulge and put on shoes, or lace up your sneakers? You start by sitting on a chair, bending side ways and straining  your sides just to get your swollen feet into shoes. No wonder pregnant women always wear slippers or half-shoes.

5. Being around any smell/craving weird scents

A lot of times, we take for granted the ability to smell and enjoy things. When you’re pregnant everything smells. Things that once smelled good to you can all of a sudden repulse you when you’re pregnant. Things that you hated the smell off can suddenly have an attractive smell.  A third trimester mum may not care very much for your Elizabeth Arden perfume, but she however secretly loves the smell of Guinness when driving past Nigerian breweries at Surulere. Weird right?

6. Having to pee every 5 minutes

Third trimester moms pee all the time! Thanks to that sweet angel sitting comfortably on top your bladder, you find your self rushing to pee every 10 – 15 minutes. It gets a bit embarrassing at first, but then you reach a point where you don’t even worry about the people staring at the owambe party, you will be fine. So what if this is your 4th or 5th time rushing to the bathroom?

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