Nigerian Woman Unable to Pay Hospital Bill after Giving Birth to Quadruplets in London Hospital

A 43-year-old, Nigerian woman named Priscilla went into labour three months early shortly after landing at Heathrow Airport in November. After delivery, the new mom could not afford to pay her medical bills.

Her plan was to give birth to the babies in Chicago, in the US, where she has family members but was turned away by border officials upon arrival.

Daily Mail, reports that Priscilla was on her way back to Nigeria when she went into labour. She was taken to the Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in west London where she delivered the four babies.

However, two of her  babies passed away. The other two Elijah and Esther, are still being treated on the hospital’s neonatal intensive care ward.

Priscilla’s total bill for the highly complex birth and the care of the babies is estimated to be more than £500,000. Her husband who is in Nigeria, cannot afford to travel to Britain.

Priscilla conceived through IVF treatment, after her struggles to conceive naturally. She claimed her doctor suggested she had the babies in USA because hospitals in Nigeria do not have the facilities to cater for the children.

Priscilla, was warned about the high cost of treatment abroad but in her defence she claimed:

“I didn’t plan to come here. It’s only money. Money can’t buy life. The last bill I had was £331,000 but even if I worked every day, I would never earn that much money. My kids are priceless.”

The cost of treating one baby in neonatal intensive care is estimated to be £20,000 a week. Priscilla is currently staying at a hostel run by a charity and is unable to afford the bill.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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