7 Ways to Bond With Your Unborn Baby

When a woman is pregnant, she is sharing her body, soul, mind and spirit with a stranger nonetheless. Although the baby you are carrying inside of you has you and your partner’s blood, and you are the sole provider of of the baby’s life, the fact is that he/she is still a stranger.

Nothing can compare to a mother’s love, but how do you show that love to a baby that you have not met? Read more and find out below:

1. Sing and talk to your baby

From about the 16th week of pregnancy, your baby starts to develop his hearing. He just wants to hear the sound of your voice. Reading and verbalizing your stream of consciousness, or anything else involving your baby being exposed to your unique voice is the best way to bond. You may feel a bit self-conscious at first to be talking to your tummy, but you’ll soon get used to it. If you don’t enjoy the sound of harsh voices or yelling, be careful because it is likely that your baby won’t either.

2. Meditate

Meditate with your baby. With your eyes closed, focus on connecting to the heart-energy of your baby, then ask him/her questions and listen to the answers that appear in your heart. No pressure, just have fun with it. (It might feel weird, but bear in mind that this is just an exercise you are experimenting with to get closer to your baby before he gets here).

3. Rub your bump

Most new mums are already guilty of this. If you haven’t tried it, make it a habit. This is already a way of feeling closer to your baby. Use the opportunity to oil your growing belly to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks or new ones that might appear. This is as a result of the expansion of dry skin which tears the outer layer of the skin, resulting in stretch marks. So indulge yourself, massage your tummy and talk to your baby at the same time.

4. Play with your baby

No child is too young to play, even the ones that have not been born yet. How do you play with an unborn child?

Here is how: Place objects on your belly, poke your own belly, flash a light into your belly. It is guaranteed that your baby will respond too with a kick. BE FOREWARNED! Your baby might just love to play so much, that he will wake you up at 3 am to have some fun.

5. Groove with your baby

Most times, words are not just enough. The swaying of your body will soothe baby and connect him to your natural rhythm. This is going to help much later when your are trying to calm your wiggly angel when he/she is in your arms.

6. Try pregnancy yoga

Antenatal yoga classes are a fantastic way to relax and they also help you focus on the amazing work your body is doing. If you haven’t done yoga before it’s a fine time to start while you’re pregnant. Yoga poses for beginners are usually quite simple. Along with gentle stretching, you’ll learn breathing techniques that can help during labor. Antenatal yoga can help to relax your mind and body and may make you feel more in touch with your baby.

7.  Help daddy bond too

Most mums-to-be forget that the dads-to-be also need to be in on this  physical experience. There are  plenty of ways to help your partner bond with your baby as your pregnancy progresses. Help him feel your baby move. Once you’re very advanced in your pregnancy, let him know that your baby can now hear sounds outside your womb. Encourage him to talk to his baby. This will help your baby become familiar with his daddy’s voice too.


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