“I’m Probably on the Stricter Side of Lenient” –  Hollywood Actress Jessica Alba Opens Up about Motherhood

Hollywood actress and mom Jessica Alba, recently opened up about her life as a parent to two beautiful daughters.

In an interview with PEOPLE the gorgeous mother of two says she keeps an open mind when it comes to being a parent. She counts this as one her best qualities. She said:

“I think maybe being open and curious and trying to better myself. I don’t try to pretend like I have all the answers and I certainly don’t think I’m perfect. So when my kids say something, instead of me being so reactive, I think about how I can be better.”

Alba, admits to being strict as a parent because she wants what is best for her daughters as they grow older. Describing herself in this regard, she said:

“I’m probably on the stricter side of lenient. But I think boundaries are good for kids and structure.I find that my kids thrive when they know where the boundaries are and the comfort zone and where they can be creative and play. But it’s having enough sleep, having proper nutrition that really helps that. And having enough activity.”

Alba describes both her kids by explaining her older daughter Honor Marie, acts independent while her other daughter Havie, likes to mimic her.

“Haven likes to mirror me, so even when we take showers, she’ll do everything right after. Or when we’re brushing our teeth together, she’ll do exactly the same expression.

And when I’m putting my face creams on in the morning, everything that I do, she’ll copy me exactly. It’s so cute.

Because you really never think that’s going to happen, because Honor’s not like that at all, but Haven Garner, wants to do everything like me, it’s really sweet.”

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She added that while her older daughter does not mimic her, she takes after her in certain areas which can be very frustrating. Recounting her childhood experience, she explained:

“I was a pretty stubborn and tough kid, and when I didn’t get my way, I would cross my arms and stomp my feet which is similar to what her older daughter would do. She said:  “And the first time Honor did that, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’

It was like I got thrown back into being 7 again. But the thing is, my mom wasn’t trying to talk to me about it. She was like, ‘You’re in trouble, you’re grounded, you’re going to your room.”

She however learnt from her mother’s technique when she realized her daughter wasn’t interested in a conversation about her behaviour.

“I tried to talk to Honor. I’m like, ‘Let’s talk about your feelings. Why do you think you’re reacting this way?’ But she’s having none of it. She wants me to leave her alone and let her have her moment in anger or frustration or whatever it is.” Alba said

Alba, married hubby Cash Warren, in Los Angeles in May 2008. They have two lovely daughters, Honor Marie Warren born in 2008 and Haven Garner Warren, born in 2011.

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““I’m Probably on the Stricter Side of Lenient” –  Hollywood Actress Jessica Alba Opens Up about Motherhood”

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