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Tragic! Woman Dies from Excessive Bleeding during Childbirth after Refusing Blood Transfusion Because her Faith Doesn’t Permit it

A Jehovah’s Witness church member named, Peace Euodia has died after she had excess bleeding during childbirth and allegedly refused blood transfusion because her faith does not permit such.

According to Ossai Ovie Success, who shared the tragic news on social media:

”RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE: Peace Euodia died of excess bleeding during child delivery, because Her church, Jehovah Witness Church does not permit her to accept blood transfusion.

Why will Jehovah Witness church not allow her to receive blood from someone because of church tradition.

Rest in PEACE EUDIA. COMBINED SOCIAL SCIENCE CLASS OF 2011 UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA has lost a rare gem. We will mourn your death together with your family. Adieu.”

So sad!

Photo credit: Ossai Ovie Success


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“Tragic! Woman Dies from Excessive Bleeding during Childbirth after Refusing Blood Transfusion Because her Faith Doesn’t Permit it”
  • It just had to be a jehovah’s witness. Na their way. I call this stupidity and suicide. Like it’s not God that gave doctors the brains to know these things.

  • Blame the person not the institution. She chose to belong there knowing and accepting their way of life. Sad indeed…..

  • Na waaa,in this age?who Church Epp? Was there any Church name in the Bible? Why not think of your life and that of your child?
    Rest in peace my “Christian sister’
    This really hurts

  • Dear sister, you stood firm even though death came knocking; You chose to Obey God rather than Men; May the rest of us who respect the life giver remain courageous even in the face of death and no amount of abuse, intimidation, frustration or fear will make us give in to accepting blood in violation of God’s clear command. Acts 15:20;29
    Thank you for making Jehovah proud…

    I took my time to read through all the comments and I was amazed. Not a single one of you who supports blood transfusion quoted a scripture from the bible, not a single person. Are you wiser than God? If U are so sure that taking blood transfusion is ok by God, why not use the scriptures?
    I am not surprised, after all Jesus made it clear that Broad & Spacious is the road that leads to destruction, and many are the ones passing through it. (Matt 7:13)
    Are U surprised by the overwhelming majority insulting JWs and who think “Transfusion” is ok thereby justifying it??? These same people have forgotten what Jesus said in Mattew 16:25:”For whoever wants to save his life* will lose it, but whoever loses his life* for my sake will find it.” (Read also Mark 8:35)
    Is there anyone who can add a minute to his/her life? None, which is what Jesus said in Matt 6:27: “Who of you by being anxious can add one cubit* to his life span?”
    Please take Ur time to read all cited or quoted scriptures in your bible again. That was why Abraham was ready to sacrifice ISAAC knowing fully well that Jehovah the life giver could resurrect him or even give him another son. That is “FAITH” in action.
    Lesson from Jesus: “Obeying God’s Law is better than Sacrifice” – Its not about sentiments, neither is it about us “Trying to SAVE our lives”, but its about what God wants & Approves.
    So before U start ranting & insulting, maybe U should take your time to do some research and come up with constructive reasonings especially based on the bible.
    You all will rather listen to the Pastors & Bishops who will tell you what you want to hear (Read 2Tim 4:3) and allow you do whatever you like so all of you can keep coming to church and enriching them by paying tithes. ()
    If Jesus had been alive today, these same set of people (You know yourselves) will think He is insane and would be part of those who will abuse and stone him to death for saying something “you don’t want to hear” like “ABSTAIN from BLOOD”. Jesus warned his followers that the world would “HATE” them, especially if you don’t Agree with their ideologies, the evidence is clear here. (Read John 15:18, 19)
    Back to the matter on ground, obviously the majority are not interested in thinking, let alone reasoning, but lets see if some of you will give way to humility & common sense or what is called “Intellectual Honesty” for better understanding.
    BLOOD represents “life” and is unique to each person just like a finger print, hence, the one who gave life said in simple terms as stated Leviticus 17:14: “For the life of every sort of flesh is its blood, because the life is in it. Consequently, I said to the Israelites: “You must not eat the blood of any sort of flesh because the life of every sort of flesh is its blood. Anyone eating it will be cut off.” (or Destroyed).
    In Acts 15:20,29, the Greek word for Abstain means “avoid”, “keep yourselves from”, there were no exceptions at all. “Abstain from Blood”.
    So for the records, all who fear God would avoid taking “BLOOD” in any form, not only in obedience to God but also out of respect for him as the Giver of life.

    • Sorry o, is eating blood n blood transfusion the same? They go through different passage n do different task. Ignorance is the thing here, I just pray my friend who is their member will give herself some brain. If u want to die,:let it not be through what u can easily prevent. Nawah for doctrines that kill people o n still believe in fetish things

  • Very funny.supidity of the highest order.coting the bible wrongly. Eating blood and transfusion,what’s the similarity. Did Jesus tell us not to be transfused? Your women are dieing ,all in the name of God doesn’t accept transfusion. But your men will remarry another wife when the woman die. Your better wise up.maddness!!

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