“How Marriage has made me a better person” –  Popular Drama Evangelist Alfa Sule 

Popular drama evangelist, Femi Ajewole, popularly known as ‘Alfa Sule‘, opens up about his 7 year marriage to his lovely wife Sola. In an interview with Punch, Alfa Sule, accompanied by his wife gave some insight into their marriage. Read excerpts from the interview below:

What attracted you to your wife?

Nothing really attracted me but I had a witness in my heart that she’s the best woman for me. I was also pleased with her appearance and mode of life.”

How often do you take your wife out for bonding?

“Before the arrival of the children, we usually went out together anytime. We were like what you can call ‘5 and 6.’ But now, we go out occasionally because she does the major work of taking care of the children.

I cannot afford to be  putting her under stress anyhow. We still go out for bonding as family. We go out in company with the children.”

What are the things you like most about your wife and why do you think some celebrities marriages don’t last 

“She is submissive, respectful, believes in my ministry and loves me unconditionally. Any marriage that God is the foundation and built under His direction and guidance will definitely last “

How has marriage changed you?

“Marriage has made me a better person. That is to say it has made positive impact on me.”

What special gift did you give your wife to appreciate her?

” I cannot say I have given her any greatest gift because she is worth more than material things to me. All I can say is that I do buy gifts for her that surprise and make her happy.”

How has the arrival of your children shifted attention from your husband to them? 

Our children’s arrival has not shifted attention from my husband. I am really ensuring that I balance attention between our children and my husband.”

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversary?

We have not really done that. We hope to celebrate our wedding anniversary when the marriage clocks 10 years”

It is obvious that they maintain a private family life and we wish them the very best.


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““How Marriage has made me a better person” –  Popular Drama Evangelist Alfa Sule ”

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