Woman Loses Pregnancy Over Suspicions of Husband’s Alleged Infidelity

Sandra Edodo, 27, reportedly lost her pregnancy after being beaten to pulp by her Liberian co-tenant. The incident occurred at Igando, a suburb in Lagos.

According to P.M. Express,  pregnant Edodo, was battered by Omombo, a co-tenant after she challenged him over an alleged secret arrangement by him to give his niece, referred to as Azuka, as a lover to her husband.

The confrontation between Edodo and Omombo, led to him hitting her in the belly which led to severe bleeding. She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where the doctor confirmed that she had lost the pregnancy.

Reports suggest that Edodo’s husband was present when she was attacked and did nothing to remedy the situation. Omombo, in his defence said he was falsely accused by Edodo, and that infuriated him to carry out such grievous act.

He denied making such arrangement, adding that he did not know if Azuka was involved with her husband. Omombo was arrested and will to stand trial at Ejigbo Magistrate court.

Photo Credit:PM Express

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“Woman Loses Pregnancy Over Suspicions of Husband’s Alleged Infidelity”

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