Shocking Reason Ebola Survivor Salome Karwah Died After Childbirth

Salome Karwah a nurse from Liberia was honoured by ‘Time’ Magazine in 2014 as ‘Person of the Year’  after surviving the Ebola outbreak that killed thousands of people in West Africa. Sadly, Karwah, passed away on Monday 27th of February 2017 after the birth of her fourth child.

According to Time:

The disease that tore through her town in August of that year took her mother, her father, her brother, aunts, uncles, cousins and a niece. However, miraculously  Karwah, her sister Josephine Manley and her fiancé James Harris, survived.

Upon her rare recovery she became immune to the disease and so began treating others suffering from the it. However, after the disease subsided in Liberia, survivors are still heavily stigmatized and Salome’s sister, Josephine, believes this is the cause of her death.

Time reports that Karwah delivered a healthy boy, Solomon, via Cesarean section on the 17th of February 2017 and was discharged from hospital three days later.

Within hours of coming home, Karwah, began convulsing. Her husband and her sister rushed her  to the hospital, but no one dared touch her. Her foaming mouth and violent seizures panicked the staff. Her sister disclosed in a telephone interview saying:

“They said she was an Ebola survivor. They didn’t want contact with her fluids. They all gave her distance. No one would give her an injection.”

Josephine says if her sister had been attended to on time, she might have had a chance of survival. Rather, “she was stigmatized.”

Photo Credit: Time

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“Shocking Reason Ebola Survivor Salome Karwah Died After Childbirth”

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