“I am indifferent about marriage” – Stella Damasus Husband’s Ex Wife Doris Simeon

Actress and mom of one Doris Simeon, who was previously married to Daniel Ademinokan, is speaking out about her failed marriage. It was a huge controversy leading to their split as many held fellow actress Stella Damasus, responsible.

After years of speculations, and name calling, Ademinokan, just recently revealed he is married to Stella. (read here)

Well Doris equally seems to have moved on as the mom of one says she has no plans to reconcile with her ex hubby as she is currently in a relationship with someone and she intends to keep it out of the public eye.

In an interview with The Sun, the actress was asked if marriage was a barrier to her profession and she said:

“No, I don’t see it as a barrier, I am indifferent when it comes to marriage.”

Speaking about how she was able to handle herself during the crisis which ensued between herself and Ademinokan, she said:

“A lot of stories were flying around and it was so difficult to figure out the truth. It wasn’t easy when it happened. I should say that could have been the worst thing that happened to one. I felt bad.

That period was a very painful period for me. It was indeed not a good one at all. I just had to think ahead rather than dwell on my past because that kills faster.

And I say it a lot, you don’t have to dwell on your past, on your mistakes or pains. Instead, think ahead, of what the next step is supposed to be. That was what I did and I moved on.”

Offering advice to those who may currently be in the same shoes she was in years back, Simeon had this to say:

“Cry, shed the tears, cry very well in your closet and pray very well at the same time and then forge ahead; don’t dwell on your past.

That is why I said cry it out so it won’t kill you but focus on your future. If you stay with your past I am sorry-o, you will just kill yourself.”

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