Outrage in Kano Community as Bride Gives Birth a Day After Her Wedding

The Muslim community in Kano has been left in a state of embarrassment and surprise as one of it’s brides, identified as Habiba Inusa, gave birth to a baby boy just one day after she got married. The outrage stemmed from the fact the community abhors and pre-marital sex.

Vanguard reports that Inusa and her groom,  Malam Babangida, were just one in the multitude of 1520 couples that officially tied the knot on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, in a decentralized mass wedding across 44 local government areas in Kano State.

The Commandant in charge of the Kano Hisbah board, Alhaji Aminu Daurawa, said that the couples were certified fit for the exercise after they were subjected to series of tests. This has however birthed an open-ended question as to how the two culprits were able to fool, and go through the supposed screenings undetected.

Reporters learnt that the bride, Habiba, hid the pregnancy to her suitor during courtship period. The enraged groom has since ejected his new wife from his house  with the baby.

Habiba also identified a man, Malam Kamalu, who was believed to be the man responsible for the pregnancy. On investigation it was discovered that Kamalu had disappeared from the village as soon as she delivered the baby.

A leader in the community, identified as Ustaz Ahmad Kabiru had this to say:

” Appropriate punishment as specified by teaching of Islam should be applied. We are Muslims and we are covered by Sharia Law and whoever compromised the rules must face punishment as deterrent to others ”

Sheik Daurawa, speaking on the matter said that part of the condition for the mass marriage was “for better or for worse”. In essence, the groom in question is not allowed to divorce his wife, no matter her crime.
This is another open-ended controversy, as true to their laws, a crime has been committed, they are however looking to the relevant authorities for guidance.

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“Outrage in Kano Community as Bride Gives Birth a Day After Her Wedding”

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