Electrocuted or Murdered by her Husband? Death of a Nigerian Mum of 4 Raises Serious Suspicions

Rita Ekeoha Aju, a Facebook user, shared this heartbroken story of a former model and mother of four, Mirian Oluchi Okpara, who recently died while in a bad marriage.

She was allegedly electrocuted while trying to turn on the generator. However, there are allegations that her husband, whom she feared so much and who constantly abused her, might have a hand in her death.

Read what Rita wrote…

I write this with tears. Mirian Oluchi Okpara eventually died in that marriage. So I received a call last night from my friend, that our friend Oluchi had died.

According to report, she was electrocuted while switching on the generator for the kids and the husband in the house. She was found shaking on the floor and died on their way to the hospital. Many believe she was murdered.

 One of Oluchi’s cousins said:

”My dear where will I start, what she told you was what she told everyone of us, do you know she can’t talk to me on phone, she can’t even dare to say anything to any of her cousins, my aunty her mum can’t even go to the house, her sim card is always changed, she is threatened always, and just yesterday my senior cousin told me the bastard ( her husband) called him to inform that Oluchi is dead, and this is my cousin he prevented her from calling. Sorry my dear there is no point crying over spilled beans. But that guy will never know peace.

Well I want to believe she was murdered too, because before my friend Miriam died, she called me to explain all she has been going through in the hands of her husband.

She said, the man changes her sim like pure water, because he doesn’t want any other man to admire her because she is a very beautiful woman with light skinned complexion. She said, the does not allow her to even visit the saloon, she must not go out of the house.

She complained that she practically lives in bondage because of her beauty. The day she went out to buy egg for the children, the husband beat her to stupor for going out instead of telling him to buy it for them. The worst part is that he stopped her relatives from visiting her including her mother.

It was out of pressure, he allowed her to join the Catholic women organisation in her church and he must attend with her on meeting days, and when ever he is not around, she goes no where.

My friend Miriam was able to call my line because, during our growing days, she had crammed it plus the numbers are easy to remember. On one occasion I asked if I should seek for help for her, she said no that, the husband will know she has been able to contact someone outside he four walls of the house.

She cried the last time we spoke that, her husband only brought her to this house to breed children for him, while he enjoys himself with other women outside.

Now I wished I had helped her then even when she insisted that I shouldn’t so that the husband will not beat her for contacting anyone outside. Woow, so truly Miriam Oluchi Okpara eventually died in this marriage.

What will happen to her suckling 1-year-old baby, what will happen to her other 3 kids. So ends the journey of a 33-year-old model.

No woman should remain in a Domestic Violence marriage, No woman should live in fear, Seek for help where you can, Marry your friend not just any man because he is rich.”

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“Electrocuted or Murdered by her Husband? Death of a Nigerian Mum of 4 Raises Serious Suspicions”

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