5 Reasons Why People Get Married

Marriage is mostly seen as an accomplishment these days, other than the lifelong commitment that it should be. These days, a lot of marriages end up in divorce, infidelity, or hate, not because the two parties involved are terrible people, but because they rush into the fantasy of marriage, not the reality of marriage.

In Nigeria, women are often victimized when they reach a certain age and are not married, even if she is successful in her own right, the fact that she does not have a man at home makes people think she is a woman without value. As a result of this, a lot of women go into marriages without knowing what it is they really want from the marriage or the man. They end up having to endure emotional and psychological abuse for years at the risk of their lives.

There is a saying that goes, ‘In marriage, love is NEVER enough’Sadly, a lot of people do not realize this and find themselves getting married for either one of these reason.

  1. Marriage of security

This is the type of marriage, where most people, especially women enter into to be safe as the name implies. Most women rush into this type of marriage, because the man offering to marry can provide them with the needed opulence that every human being wants. A good house in a good neighborhood, robust allowance, and her children can go to the best schools that money can afford. She is not in this marriage because she loves or has anything in common with the man. This could also be the other way around, the man marrying the woman  for security.

  1. Socialite marriage

This marriage happens only because one of the persons involved is social enough to elevate the other person’s status. You can also refer to this as a ‘social media marriage‘. Why? This generation values what the media says and perceives about them. They have breath taking pre-wedding pictures, they post pictures of themselves or their partners on social media sites with the best and most inspiring quotes, and behind closed doors, and they live in a mad house.

  1. Genuine marriage

This marriage is based on true love, commitment. Money, society has no place in this type of marriage. It is focused on making each other better. In this marriage, understanding, patience, sacrifice, trust, commitment, these are the key values and stepping stones that both parties aspire to get better at every day.

  1. Arranged marriage

This type of marriage used to be the norm back in the day, where parents of the supposed bride or groom go out to select a wife or husband for their children. The fact that a person’s marriage was arranged does not mean that the marriage will break or end in turmoil. The characteristics of the individuals in this marriage have a major role to play. Nevertheless, this is a reason why some people still get married.

  1. Marriage of Convenience

Contrary to the name, people who find themselves in this category marry because they feel they are old enough to marry. A woman, who is clocking 35, is looking at her biological clock, she wants to be a mum, and she’s worried about menopause and wants to have children. Why? Because her family is breathing down her neck. The same applies to men, they feel they have come of age, they are old enough, and as an adult, they should be married. These two types of people go into marriage for the wrong reasons. Marriage is not a race based on age, contrary to what the world thinks. 


No marriage is easy, and it is better said than done. We believe that amidst all the negative stories about marriages, it is very possible to have a happy and successful one. Provided that both parties are willing to be selfless to each other. It is difficult to be in love with someone you have no connection with, take the time to court your partner and know their traits. Remember that 50 years down the line, you will still be finding out new characteristics about the person you thought you knew,  but that doesn’t mean you run out when it isn’t favorable. Marriage is for the strong and brave, not the feeble minded.


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