Is Baby Powder Safe To Use? See Top Things You Should Know

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Is baby powder safe? Could that silky, smooth, sweet smelling powdery substance that TV commercials promise to give baby smooth skin and make them comfortable be anything than harmless?

Find details you should know below.

It Is Used For Soaking In Moisture, reduce friction between cloth and baby’s soft skin, thereby preventing heat and chaffing.

Made From talc (talcum powder) or cornstarch. Both forms are safe to use on baby’s skin. Yippee!!!

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However, sometime ago, makers of one of the most popular baby powder had to pay the family of Sarah Fox a whopping sum of 72 million dollars after she died of ovarian cancer. She was reported to have used the company’s product on her genital area for over 30 years.

Researchers subsequently found a weak link between sprinkling powder on the genital area and ovarian cancer. Weak link or not, influential health organizations sent out a warning that baby powder was bad news for the genital area.

In addition to the above, note:

Baby Powder Does NOT stop nappy rashes. Nappy rashes are often caused by baby wearing soaked diapers for too long as the chemical contents of baby’s urine are too harsh for baby’s soft skin. So, instead of applying baby powder always, try to check and change their diapers frequently.

Talc Baby Powder Has Smaller particles than cornstarch, so, therefore talcum baby powder can be inhaled easier than cornstarch baby powder. Both however, can cause breathing complications (granuloma and asthma) for baby if not applied properly.

To apply properly, step away from the baby and be mindful if there’s a fan in the room. Shake some powder unto your hand and gently rub against the other hand before applying to baby’s skin.

Be careful not to use so much powder that it cakes or forms a thick layer on baby’s skin. This can contribute to nappy rashes.

Do not make a cloud of powder by slapping your palms together – many mums do this – especially if it’s talcum powder. Baby could breathe in the airborne particles and that’s not healthy.

NEVER sprinkle directly on baby’s skin. Lock and keep the baby powder bottle far from baby’s reach.

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