5 Things Dads of Daughters Should Understand

  1. She is influenced by your relationship with her mother

A daughter will be aware of how her mother is treated as she gets mature. This in-turn shapes her mentality on how women should be treated, or how the man she ends up with should treat her. It is important that she experiences firsthand parents who strive to have some level of equality both professionally and at home as well. A relationship where women are treated with love and respect.

2. She can be taught how to do anything she puts her mind to

We live in a world that continues to look down on the female gender. Having a strong male figure present in her life, helps to increase her drive in life. The biggest encouragement she will get in life will come from you telling her she can do anything she makes up her mind to do.

3. She needs to learn how to stand her own ground

One of the most important things you can teach your daughter is to be assertive and fight for what is right. This is a trait that will benefit her  throughout her entire life. There is no stronger weapon than teaching her how to fight back positively with her words and surpassing people’s expectations of her.

4. She needs to hear that she is smart as well as beautiful

As it is with all women, they are moved by what they hear. Telling your daughter she is smart, will never grow old. It is important as a dad, to not only compliment your daughter on her outward appearance, but also encourage her intelligence and the uniqueness of her mind. Remind her constantly that looks are not as important as what is inside her mind.

5. She needs you also during her teenage years

You may not be able to be much help in the female department with periods and new body changes, but you should make sure that she knows you are there, no matter what. Teenage years are bound to come along with a few heartbreaks from some crushes, and some failed friendships. Mums can only do so much, but dads, your presence and shoulder to lean on will make her views on men different in a good way.

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