Shocking Things I Found in My 9-Year-Old Daughter’s Primary Textbook 

A Nigerian mum has been shocked beyond words after reviewing her 9-year-old daughter’s primary textbook while she was doing her homework, only to find out her homework was filled with sex-related stories.

The angry mum took to her social media account to call out the Minister of Education, asking what the country’s educational system is turning into.

According to her, she’s not against sex education, but not for that age and class. She also talked about a similar experience she had 4 years ago when she saw a Nursery 3 pupil’s textbook.

Read her narration below:

”What has Nigerian Educational System turned into?

My 9 year old daughter was doing her home work and I decided to see what she was doing. Only for me to read the comprehension of the attached.

Is this right to be part of learning in school? I am not bothered with Sex Education but not for that age and class. The other day I saw a note she copied in class of how sexual intercourse leads to pregnancy. Detailing the joystick entering the Vagina and so on.

Who is the Minister of Education approving this books? What is the world turning into?

4 years ago I also saw a Nursery III Textbook using G is for gun. Gun is used for shooting and killing. Seriously? What about G for Goat, Groundnut, Gas etc. And the Publishers publish this?”

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