#BBNaija: Nigerian Journalist Chris Ayo Apologizes to Bisola for Disparaging Her Single Mum Status

Nigerian Journalist, Chris Ayo Joseph, has finally apologized to Big Brother Naija housemate, Bisola Aiyeola, for saying she is still a single mother because she’s too hot-tempered, uses vulgar words too often and that NO man in his right senses will want to live with a woman with such aggressive attitude (read here).

He was slammed by single mothers and many Nigerians who found his statement very wrong and insulting. Well, he has now apologized openly via Instagram.

Read what he wrote below:

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”Lately, i’ve been receiving series of DMs from folks who are shock and disappointed that i can still campaign for BISOLA after coming hard on her in one of my previous post.

First things first, I’m human. We make mistakes everyday and we learn everyday. And its only wise we retrace our steps when we’re going out of place. Having said that, i must really apologize to every woman/ single mother’s out there who felt my previous write-up was just irrational and offensive.

Truly, i admit i was irrational, because there’s no reason whatsoever to criticize someone for what they have or lack. Most especially if you don’t know the struggles of them reaching that point.

And trust me, we all have flaws that we attempt to compensate for in various ways, but then it’s only wise to allow people to live their own lives. If it has nothing to do with you, there should be no point in public opinion.

Love others because Hate only means you lack love for YOURSELF!

Once again I apologize..

NB: I’ve been following the show and i can categorically say that there’s no one in that house more deserving than BISOLA.

God Bless Our Hustle ????”

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“#BBNaija: Nigerian Journalist Chris Ayo Apologizes to Bisola for Disparaging Her Single Mum Status”

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