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4 Reasons Why Having Two or More Kids is Actually Easier Than Having Just One

When one child comes along, it seems like life is about to stop, and everything is as difficult as it can be. You’re learning new things, new strategies and trying to find your bearing as quick as possible. Some may think having more children would be stressful, but there are actually lots of advantages of having more than one child.

Here are 4 reasons why having two or more kids is easier than having just one:

1. You already know what it means to be a parent

Becoming a parent to one child comes with a long lists of adjustments. You have to adjust to an entirely new identity, being a mother,  sleep deprivation and crazy hormone fluctuations. By the time you have three kids, you’ve been a parent before and you’ve figured out what that looks like for you, so the transition is by far less shocking. You know what things are important and when to let go and you feel confident in your role as a parent.

2. You’re better at asking for what you need.

For some reason when its just one child, parents feel like they are not mandated to ask for help, (even if they are). There’s this illusion that you can “do it all” and that asking for help would make you seem like a failure or a lazy mum because you have just one kid. The truth is that one kid or three  it’s all hard and it’s all exhausting in different ways. Now that you have three children, you can easily throw that ideology out the window. You will need more help from friends and family and there will be no shame in asking for it.

3. You’re coming into it with more experience and parenting hacks galore.

There are plenty of basic parenting skills you would already have under your belt by the time you get to having three kids. You already can distinguish what type of coughs are worth fretting over. You know when to call the doctor for a head bump and all the soothing tricks. You’ve already read up on all the parenting approaches and have figured out which ones work for you and which ones do not. By the time you have three children, you worry far less, because you remember things from your first (and second) time around.

4. You don’t have to entertain them as much

With one kid, there is reading time every day, you feel guilty for leaving them in their baby swing/crib/room to be by themselves for too long. With three kids, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to keep everyone engaged all the time. Sometimes you just leave them to their own devices and they actually come up with some really fun ideas and games. There are siblings in the mix, and although they make it a whole lot louder and crazier, they also make life a lot more fun.

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