WOW! Woman Appreciates Baby Daddy’s Girlfriend in Lengthy Facebook Post 

Facebook user, Vott Lowe, took to her page to thank her son’s father’s girlfriend for taking care of her son when she is not there. This act has surprised many people, but Vott says that baby mamas need to stop being so stubborn and ignorant. She already considers her baby daddy’s girlfriend her son’s second mum. Read her post below:

“I stole these pics* but Yall meet my babyfather & his girlfriend !!! Swear these pictures makes me cry… Tears of joy… She came in his life when he was 3 .. He’s seven now and STILL crazy about his “Ma Ashley” She makes him soooo happy… When he comes home she’s all he talks about I posted these pictures to say this yall BITTER babymamas need to stop being soo stubborn and ignorant about your child being around their fathers girlfriend!! You only hurting the child my child is having the TIME OF HIS LIFE right now she SPOILS him.. Her family LOVES QUAY She tucks him in, cooks for him, helps wid homework, she got him involved in all kind of sports basically she’s his 2nd mom & I would NEVER come between the bond they share ????????????????????”


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“WOW! Woman Appreciates Baby Daddy’s Girlfriend in Lengthy Facebook Post ”

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