5 Reasons Why Men May Turn Down Having Sex With Their Wives

When a woman offers sex and is rejected, she not only feels the sting of rejection, but another sting from the belief that something must be wrong with her, or that her man is getting sex somewhere else. This also isn’t necessarily true all the time. Life changing situations such as pregnancy, a new baby, a man having to watch his wife breast feed and look tired stressed and unkempt sometimes has a way of downing his sexual appetite. See 5 reasons why  husbands may turn down sex with their wives

1: Changing Roles

Just as a woman experiences a massive adjustment into the role of a mother, men also experience a huge adjustment into fatherhood too. Everybody is different with different pasts and memories. So adjusting to parenthood can be hard. The intimacy may still be there, 90% of the time it is, but the sex is not. He may still find you attractive, but he is just transitioning into the role of being somebody’s dad. Both partners need to remember the very two people that started the relationship in the first place. It must be nurtured, because one day, the kids will pursue their own lives and relationships, and you as parents will be again left to your own devices, wondering what happened all those years.

2: A Lack Of Confidence

Darren Mattock, creator of Becoming Dad, says that a lack of confidence comes with a man witnessing the change in his wife’s body, and her needs both pre-pregnancy and after. This diminishes his ego, because he feels he does not know how to satisfy her anymore. This hints to a feeling of inadequacy on his part. Mum, if your partner seems to be pulling away sexually, gently build his confidence back, guide him once again to what satisfies you sexually, because chances her your sexual preferences may have changed after a baby or during pregnancy.

3: Fear of Hurting You

Some new dads feel genuine concern about their partner, and how she experiences love making after the birth. It’s one of many unknown territories new parents face and these dads don’t want to cause any discomfort or pain, so in their innocent ways they avoid it all together.

4: Fear of Hurting The Baby During Pregnancy

This is the most common excuse many mums hear from expectant dads. They worry about how sexual intercourse will impact the baby. After all, lots of the action is likely to be happening right where we know baby’s head is usually located.  Some simple reassurance and a little education is all that is usually needed here. Your baby is well protected by your strong uterine muscles, closed shut cervix and a mucus plug to ensure no bugs get in. Explain that to him gently.

5: Stress

Pregnancy, new baby or not, stress is a huge libido killer for men. Men sort of feel a great deal of pressure to provide and fix, in this new and unexplored responsibility of being dad. Add financial and work pressures to the list, and he can end up feeling like sex isn’t important, even when it is. Women will well know that it works the same for them too , when they feel very stressed and overtaxed emotionally, it’s very difficult to feel sexy. In fact it’s often the last thing that’s on your mind. While sex and orgasm is often a great stress reliever, high levels of stress can get the better of any man or woman.

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