Did Wedding Guest Use ‘Juju’ on Bride? – WATCH

This Facebook video was shared recently and it is going viral. A Nigerian bride and her groom can be seen dancing when suddenly, an old woman or a wedding guest comes close to the bride, dances close to her, touches and swiftly rubs the bride’s tummy while dancing past her in what could be interpreted as a juju move.

“Mind who touches you(Evil woman)”: This is the caption that the social media user who shared the video, wrote.

One could easily believe this was a scene from an African Magic movie, as it is quite surreal. One could also easily imagine that in that movie, the same joyful bride would encountera  problem when the time comes to try to get pregnant.

Taking a step back away from imagination, people are of the opinion that the woman’s facial expression, and the way she touched the bride was not was not exactly innocent, and that she may have used ‘juju’ (black magic) on the bride.
Do you think there’s anything unusual about the woman’s action?


Mind who touches you(Evil woman).

Posted by Ebele Kenechukwu Ajemba on Friday, April 21, 2017


Video Credit: Facebook

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“Did Wedding Guest Use ‘Juju’ on Bride? – WATCH”

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