4 Things that are Challenging to Do When You Have a Baby

You’re no longer pregnant, you can see your feet again, tie your own shoes again, your body is getting back on shape, life is once as you knew it. WRONG!! You are soon going to find out that having a baby is challenging.

A baby puts a limit on a lot of things, especially when you only have two hands to function with. Sometimes, you may not even be able to make a phone call or reply a text conveniently.

Don’t fret though, before you know it, they’ll be in school and totally self-sufficient. I’ve heard homework keeps them pretty occupied on their own so you should have plenty of me time then… Wait, what do you mean that’s not what you heard? LOL

Here are a few things you will probably find challenging to do after you’ve had a baby:

1: Complete a Thought Or Conversation

Let’s blame it on the mama brain. This happens for several reasons. Sleep deprivation and interruptions can leave you wondering what’s going on in your head. You’ll have something to say, formed and ready to spit out and suddenly, your baby starts crying and just like that it’s gone with the wind. Baby finally quiets down, and now, you can’t bring back that thought. If you’re feeling certain you’ll never be able to think straight as before, be rest assured your thoughts will come back to normal after all the hormones have settled.

2: Time For Personal Grooming

You may begin to feel like an Olympian, as you may find yourself bouncing your baby with one hand and trying to comb your hair, apply mascara, or some powder with the other. Some mums even find themselves having to choose between a shower and sleep, most mother’s eventually choose sleep! Lol, we don’t blame you mama. After all, they say sleep when the baby sleeps,

3: Be on Time

If you were a very punctual person before baby came along, don’t be surprised,  a baby can throw your structure and discipline for a loop. Dressed and ready to go, and in very good time, then your baby just spit up on your blouse. You will need an extra 5 minutes to change that. You plan to leave as soon as you feed the baby so there is no delay, but then then baby poops. It’s a BIG one too! Count it all joy mama, this too shall pass.

4: Finish A Book, Movie or TV Series

You can read a book with just one hand, and watching TV, well that’s simple. Except as soon as you sit down, baby wonders why you’re no longer swaying, so you’re back on you feet again and you have to drop the book. Or maybe she happily rests while you watch a bit of a show, only to need a diaper change when it seems to be getting interesting. By the time she’s all wrapped up again, you’ve missed a key plot twist. Thankfully, streaming TV and movies now exists. There’s hope for you yet.