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 Mercy Aigbe-Gentry Reportedly Moves Out of her Matrimonial Home – VIDEO

Best of Nollywood has shared a video said to be of the day Mercy packed out of her matrimonial home.

Since last week, there have been rumours that popular Yoruba actress, Mercy Aigbe Gentry’s  7-year marriage to Lanre Gentry is going through a crisis on the basis of domestic violence and infidelity (read here).

According to reports, Mercy has been enduring domestic violence for a long time in her marriage but things got worse lately. The couple were reportedly in a nasty fight that left the elegant mother of two with severe injuries and a fractured skull.

It was also gathered that she moved out of her husband’s house after she couldn’t take it anymore.

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Since the news emerged that the actress had been beaten by her husband Mr Gentry denied ever touching his wife. According to him:
“I don’t have anything to say. The only thing I have to say is I’ve never touched her before in my life and I will continue to say it and I will never touch her,” he said in a recent interview.
When he was asked about the photos that went viral and how he said on his Instagram page that they were shots from Mercy’s movie ‘Victims’, Gentry replied:
“I don’t know anything about what you people are talking about, I’m not even the one writing on Instagram, I don’t know anything about all the Instagram accounts they are opening in my name. I’m not an internet person. I don’t have any Instagram account, Mercy can be the one operating these things because I’m not an internet person. I don’t have time for all these things.
“Mercy is looking for a way to move out of my house and that is what she’s trying to do. If any woman leaves me today, another woman will move in, so I don’t have time for all these things she’s putting up on the internet. I’m too busy, remember when you called me before I told you I was holding a board meeting with my people”.

Watch video below…

Photo credit: Instagram

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