4 Steps To Get Rid of Your Pouch

Is there a mum who does not want to be rid of her excess tummy fat? The countless number of celebrities who snap-back as fast a wink, leaves not so fabulous mums feeling left out, even though we know that it happens with  the help of dietitians, maids and a hand full of nannies. Here are 4 steps to just set you off in the right direction on how to loose that belly bulge:

1. Set realistic Goals

The first thing you have to get right are your expectations. Acknowledge that you are no onger a teenager and as such might not achieve washboard abs. Start off by setting an achievable target, say an inch off your waist every month. That way, you do not feel the crushing weight of failure everytime you put the measuring tape round yourr waist and find you only lost half an inch.

2. Exercise

There is a myth that if you do lots of stomach based exercises, you will loose belly fat. This is not true. In order to loose belly fat, you have to loose weight all around your body. That being said, aerobic exercises such as Zumba, spinning, running and brisk walking are excellent fat busters. Incorporate 30 minutes of aerobic exercise into your routine for a while. Then begin your crunches and watch your body take shape.

3. Water

Water is key in any weight loss challenge. Keeping hydrated not only  keeps hunger away, it also helps metabolize the fat that you have burned and excrete it out of the body. When next you feel you are hungry, here’s a little test, drink at least 6 cups of water, most likely your hunger will disappear. If it doesn’t then you can have another meal.

4. Simple mathematics

Energy in vs energy out. If the amount of energy you ingest is greater than what you give out, then your body will store the rest as excess fat, most of which will go to your belly and waist line. In simpler terms, make sure that you give out more energy than you consume, you’d start to notice a slimmer belly in a few weeks.


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“4 Steps To Get Rid of Your Pouch”

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