Dear MIMster: I am losing my sanity in this marriage

When I met my husband, he told me he was a staff in one of the ministries in our state. He said her worked in the finance department. Little did I know I would soon be on the verge of losing my sanity?

It was after our wedding I discovered he had lied. Life became so difficult that we could barely survive and he could not help me out in anyway, financially. He has never bought me as little as a napkin since we got married. When I sat him down to talk to him, I asked him why he is not supporting me even though he is working. After much pressure, he confessed to me that he’s just a contract staff at the ministry and he is paid only 10k monthly and sometimes, his salary is delayed. I felt bad. Told our pastor who advised me to be patient with him.

Recently, we had a misunderstanding and he slapped me. I found that he has gotten another woman pregnant. He went to one of our family friends and confessed to him that another woman is pregnant for him but he has told her to abort it and she has. But this family friend begged to pretend I know nothing about it.

Now it’s almost four years, and we still have no child and no money yet. I am gradually losing my sanity. I feel like quitting this marriage before I become a story that touches the heart.

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“Dear MIMster: I am losing my sanity in this marriage”

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