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Nollywood Mum, Uche Ogbodo is all Shades of Stunning in 31st Birthday Photos

Popular actress, Uche Ogbodo is a year older today and she has unveiled some lovely new photos to celebrate the special day. The single mother of one said she is 31 years old today and it is actually not as bad as she thought it would be. She went further to gush about her youthful appearance, boasting that she could pass for someone ten years younger.


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”Yaaaayyyyy!!!! ????????????????????????????????It’s My Birthday Again!

Cheers To Me For Surviving Another Year! I Swear You Guys, 31 has never looked this good! You know Since it’s my Birthday I have taken time Out to look in the Mirror, and I found out that it’s not as bad as I tot it would be to turn 31, hahahaha I mean I can still pretend to be 5 years or even 10 years younger than I actually am ! “winks” I mean Another Year Older and still As Sexy AF… ???????????? Thank God For All his Blessings Over the years that has enabled Me Bless Others Around Me. May He Bless Me with Longer Life & Good health, so I can enjoy more Wonderful, Crazy years ahead of Me. Thanks A lot To My Glam Squad For Pulling this One through.”

In another photo, she revealed that she had been hard on herself all these years but has now decided to take a step back and be more appreciative of who she has become.

”I Was Hard On Myself For Years! But I have Decided now to Sit back, Marvel at my life: at the grief that Softened Me, at the Heartache that wisened me, at the Suffering that Strengthened me.

Despite Everything, I still Evolve, Stronger & More Determined. I am So Proud Of ME!!! Proud Of how far I have come and I’m still growing ✌️️???????????? #itsmybirthday#happybirthdaytome #goddess

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Happy birthday to the hot mama!

Photo credit: @spotlightpi

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“Nollywood Mum, Uche Ogbodo is all Shades of Stunning in 31st Birthday Photos”

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