Mum Fights to Regain Life After Campfire Accident: You Won’t Believe How She Looked Before

Courtney Cosper Waldon, 27, was once beautiful, vibrant and enjoying the honeymoon phase of her marriage with her husband of just two months, until she was burnt beyond recognition at a campfire. She went camping which seemed fun, until the campfire raged out of control when gasoline was poured onto it. The flames surged towards her body, giving her third degree burns across her face and 40 percent of her body.



“I went from being the very pretty girl, just married , had my life in order to barely being able to dress myself and needing help for everything and having to learn how to do things over again. I even had to learn to walk again. It was very hard to come to terms with what happened. The first time I saw myself in the mirror I got sick and almost passed out. It was awful and so nerve wrecking going out. I got so many stares, people looking like they had seen a monster. I am doing much better every day, I still get the stares, but I am still adjusting.],” she told Mirror.

The mum-of-one was rushed to hospital and put into a medically induced coma for a month. Two weeks later, her husband of two months abandoned her, and unable to work, she was left homeless.

“It was a slap in the face when my husband left me. I tried and begged him to come back, my daughter didn’t deserve it, but he just said he couldn’t handle me.”

After various skin grafts and laser surgeries, she is slowly getting her life back on track, for the sake of her daughter who she credits her strength too.

“There were definitely times I wanted to give up, but I had to think of my daughter. They didn’t bring her to the hospital, so the first time I saw her was when I came home. They brought her over and she was very hesitant and very stand-off. Then when she heard my voice, she came over and gave me a hug. She’s been amazing. When I was having trouble learning to walk she would tell me to hold her hand.”

The mum and daughter have been supported by their local church to build a house and they are currently raising donations. Courtney added: “Every day I get more hopeful, I’m here for a reason.”

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“Mum Fights to Regain Life After Campfire Accident: You Won’t Believe How She Looked Before”

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