Dear MIMsters: I was offered a promotion at work but hubby tells me to reject it

I need help urgently. I am a mother of three and have been married for 8 years. Hubby provides for the family what is convenient for him to provide and I don’t complain because God has been kind to me as I earn more and I have just been offered a promotion at work.

The only time I don’t keep quiet is when he complains that I have not provided a certain thing for the home then I will always remind him that it is his duty not mine. When I say that, he always gets offended. Like I said, God has been faithful with various streams of income coming through, though little but consistent.

I was offered the post of the welfare officer in my office two weeks back and I told him. He was okay with it. However, I discovered today and told him that the post involves attending burial functions of members of staff or their relations and I will be responsible for the entire welfare of my colleagues.

A budget is usually made available and if properly handled, I can get some balance to keep. Hubby told me to reject the offer because immoral acts take place at wake keepings and I can’t be seen to be going to such places. The staff I will be succeeding is equally married with kids.

My husband attends burials a lot, so I told him, “are you now understanding how I feel when you are out?” He said I am not in a position to ask him that. So I said if I can’t take the offer because of that small aspect of the job, when there are other benefits attached to it, then he will have to stop attending burials too. He said he will never stop.

I had earlier told him that we could travel together and get someone to stay with the kids, since the burials are not even often, but he said he doesn’t work with me so he can’t go. I have never attended any burial for a colleague or even in my father’s house since I got married because I am really not outgoing but in this recession, I’m looking at the 💰 money and the other benefits attached. How do I end this peacefully?

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“Dear MIMsters: I was offered a promotion at work but hubby tells me to reject it”
  • Hmmmmm men can be funny at times, he doesn’t want you to attend functions, but he does, Madam it’s always good to attend functions cos one day it might be you or I, God forbid that no one will show up to encourage us. Let your husband see reason with you, you are not going there for immoral act but for a good cause, talk with him in a pleasant manner and sure he will understand. Men ego I don’t get it

  • Na everyday be burial ni? Please take the job. What’s his problem? I smell ego here maybe because you earn more?

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