Making Love after a Delivery: 6 Things You Should Be Prepared For

Getting yourself back emotionally after a delivery can be challenging. Most times, getting back to your normal self might even extend into concerns about your sex life. Truthfully, things will be different for a while, and you need to prepare your mind and body for these changes. See 6 things you should know about sex after birth:

1: There’s No Right Time 

Beginning to have sex after childbirth may take longer for some women than other. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you, if you do not have sex after your 6-week period after delivery. You need to give your self time to recover, emotionally and physically to get your sex drive back in motion.

2: It Might Feel Different

No matter how you gave birth, natural birth or C-section, sex will feel different after delivery. It might be uncomfortable, and for some women, it might be painful. If it is painful, you may need to see your doctor. Other than that, keep practicing your kegel exercises to increase blood flow to your pelvic region.

3: Your Partner Might Be Hesitant

It’s really easy to dismiss how your husband might feel, after all he was not the one who had to push the baby out of him. Yes, that is true, but bear in mind also, that he watched you go through labor, and maybe even give birth, he watches you breastfeed your child. He may be feeling guilty, that you went through all that pain and hard work, and he was powerless to help you. If your husband is being hesitant about sex, a conversation to reassure him that you are healed and fine may be necessary. Let him know that you miss him, and this should ease his mind.

4: Be Honest

As said earlier, communication is key in every relationship. If you leave it to linger in your minds, you may find yourselves feeling more apprehensive, so it is advisable to get things out in the open. If you don’t talk, you’ll both be in the dark. He’ll be busy wondering why you don’t want to have sex with him and you’ll be wondering why he doesn’t seem to want to have sex with you. So once again, get it out in the open.

5: Vaginal Dryness and more foreplay

The hormonal changes in your body can lead to vaginal dryness, which can and will make sex more of work than fun. You may need a decent amount of foreplay to get you in the mood and restore your natural waters. Don’t be too embarrassed to tell your partner you need more foreplay, in the end it will make it more enjoyable for both of you. Feel free to show him this article to make him understand how you feel.

6.  You’ll Be Interrupted 

Let’s say you do get your mojo back soon enough, prepare your mind that you will be interrupted. It may seem that your baby will pick the time that you are downright busy to stir, cry or wake up. Don’t feel bad or discouraged about it. They are just tiny dependent little creatures. And one day, they will sleep through the night.

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