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Bride Has Epic Bridal Shower With Her All Male Bridal Train – PHOTOS

Having a bridal shower is not new to the society anymore. Girls in robes, doing make up and taking cute photos is usually the norm at most bridal parties. However, this particular bridal shower of  Rebeca Abrantes, and her all male train is funny and adorable at the same time.

Rebecca, 24, told Bustle that she found herself in an all male field. She was a student of computer engineering, a class of 60 and one out of just 4 girls in the class. Her wedding was fast approaching, and she did not have enough girl pals to make the traditional bridal train. Rebecca then decided to side-step tradition and create her own “fairytale” wedding.

“I came up with the idea one week before the wedding. I was looking into some ‘making of’ pictures of brides with their gang of girls, all in robes, laughing, drinking champagne and all, and I got a bit sad because I wouldn’t be able to do anything like that. The photo shoot was super fun. Everyone was taking shots of cheap booze and sometimes we were laughing so much that we had to take some time to recover and go on with the photos.”

See the photos below:


Photo Credit: Bustle

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