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50 Cent and First Baby Mama Go Head to Head Again Over Child Support

American rapper, Curtis Jackson, popularly known as, 50 Cent and his baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, have been calling each other out for a long time now over their child support battle. And now, they are back at it again.

The superstar who is preparing for his “child support graduation” has revealed he has 4 months left to pay Shaniqua.

The “Power” star took to Instagram to throw a shot at Shaniqua with the above photo of a father proudly celebrating his graduation from child support.

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He wrote: “LOL 4 months left no more free ride. She might want to get a job now.” He also revealed he has paid her a total of $1,369,400 to date and has just $30,600 left to pay.

In response, Shaniqua fired back at him, reminding him it’s actually 5 months left and said he is feeling sensitive because yesterday marked the day he was shot 5 times and she took him to her mother’s house to nurse him till he was healed. She even went as far as implying he didn’t receive hugs from his mother.

Photo credit: Facebook/Getty
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“50 Cent and First Baby Mama Go Head to Head Again Over Child Support”

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