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Dear MIMsters: My daughter is very smart but she doesn’t act it.

I have a two year old daughter who just turned 2 in March and she is already in school. I must confess that she has learnt a lot both from me and from the school she attends. She knows so many rhymes, can count  numbers from 1 to 40, knows and can identify all colours. She is very smart for her age.

At school, they teach her with sounds and signs, so she can identify sounds A to Z with their signs and can say what they stand for.

My problem with her is that she is extremely shy. She is so shy that when someone asks her how she is, she won’t be able to answer. They are writing their tests now. Her teacher told me that she did not answer any question, not a single one. This where the questions we revised a night before and she answered all of them correctly.

This shyness is the reason why she still wears her diapers to school simply because she can’t communicate or tell her teacher that she wants to wee and ends up peeing in her panties. I am so sad. This breaks my heart really bad.

Please tell me, MIMsters, what should I do?

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“Dear MIMsters: My daughter is very smart but she doesn’t act it.”
  • We are talking about a 2 year old here or 12 years? Please allow the girl be, she’s just a baby for crying out loud. Please allow her grow at her pace.

  • Allow this baby to be a baby biko, it’s too early to complain. My son did exactly the same thing around that age and my husband was freaking out just like you’re doing now. Today he’s in secondary school at the age of 8, got double promoted and wrote his final exams in primary five. He graduated as the best student in his set and his pictures is all over Lagos on the school bill board for advert. People are different and we should let every child grow at his/ her pace.

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