Dear MIMsters: Why do I feel this is the law of karma working against me?

Is this the law of karma working against me? I was dating a guy when I was in my second year of senior secondary, ss2. This guy loves me so much that I knew my happiness is his priority. When I gained admission into the University, I broke up with him because I thought we were no longer on the same level and I am bigger than him in size. Even though our age difference is just 2 years, I look older than him.

If you’d see us both together, you would think I am his older sister. Whenever, we are walking together, I feel so ashamed because I am bigger than him. Now that I am a graduate and he is in his 200 level, we are still friends and he calls me once in a while.

The problem now is that none of the guys I have dated is as caring and as loving as my First love. I have never been in a serious relationship. The guys I love don’t love me back. Do you think this is karma? What can I do about it? My first love still shares my photos on his social media. Should I beg him for forgiveness? Please help a sister!

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“Dear MIMsters: Why do I feel this is the law of karma working against me?”
  • Dont beg for forgiveness as he might later use that against u,try and develop more intimate discussions,style style,u guys cn strt all over.and be very careful with him,pple change,he might nt b the person you once knew him to be.God help u.

  • Additionally,u felt ashamed around him wen u wre in second schl,how abt nw?do u still feel ashamed?nw dt u ar a grad,and hez stil in school,wouldn’t u feel more ashamed if u mend d bridge? Av u matured enough to overlook all those physical traits? Do u know wah u want now i.e mayb Love or physical attributes?Until u address these things,if u go bk to him,twoyld replay al over again. take your time,think am well,.Not karma.

  • I think I support what Oluwaseun said, are you ready to overlook some things like size and mind… I can see that you are not always comfortable around him. Physical outlook should not be something that you should take as priority, you need to work on yourself and him as well in order for the two of you to be able to come together

  • Pray about it . Someone can also pray along with you (say your pastor etc) and seek the face of God concerning this issue.
    If you ask me i would tell you to get back with the guy.
    I had a similar experience with the man i’m married to today.
    When he came around, he didn’t meet all the requirements i wanted in a man. He’s not tall, wasn’t as educated as i was.
    To cut long story short, after a while i wanted to run away from him and even told him it was over. He wouldn’t let go. Then several warnings came from friends, sisters and even a pastor whom i didn’t tell anything. But it came as a revelation. At that point it i said to myself enough is enough.
    Today, I’m happily married to for over 10 years and i see no fault in him.
    Yours may be different or similar to mine and that’s why i said you should pray.

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