9 Things Your Toddler is Trying to Say to You

Most children are able to say their first word by the time they are 14 months old. By their second birthday, they are chatting up to 50 words, although they may not be able to communicate in direct sentences.

You find that you are spending a lot of time guessing and wondering what they are babbling about. It’s mostly fun, but sometimes frustrating, especially when you are hurrying to work or to get to school on time. Focusing on the fun parts however, Belly Belly has given a very funny and interesting list of the most likely things your toddler is trying to say to you. These are our top 9:

  1. I can tell from your smirk that you are not taking this very seriously, but those are NOT THE SOCKS I WANTED- Your little one thinks his blue socks go perfectly with his green shorts, you think they are a bit loud. Does he care? Nope!
  2. I heard you say a bad word. Now I’m going to say it, over and over again – Aha! This is where it comes in, beware of what you say around those little tykes…They LEARN VERY FAST!!
  3. Stop trying to help me. I can do this all by myself. Yes, I like to wear my trousers as a hat. This is the look I am going for. STOP LAUGHING AT ME – Or he wants to wear your bra like a satchel around the house…
  4. I feel I should warn you before we get to the party, I am in no mood for sharing today – Your baby boy is suddenly the meanest child at the party and you’re wondering why?, its simple, he has mood swings momma
  5. Yes, I can see it’s still dark out, but I am telling you, IT’S MORNING. Now get out of bed and come downstairs to assist me with my coloring – When a toddler wakes up, every body else in the house has to wake up too! The  king is up
  6. Mum, Dad, this is my bed now. Both of you move to your corners while i star-fish in the middle – Goodluck having a kick-free night’s rest
  7. Poo? In the middle of the living room floor? No, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Nothing to do with me – Yeah right, says your poo stained bum 
  8. If you don’t get up now, I’m going to be forced to use my special move on you. What move? The sit-on-your-head-with-my-bare-bum-move. Get up – One of the most annoying, yet cutest things a toddler will ever do to you
  9. I have never been so humiliated in my entire life. How dare you tell your friends about the time I pooped in your bed. That was meant to be our little secret –  You messed up momma, it was your “for life” pact
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