5 Types Of Sex You Will Probably Have When Trying to Conceive

Sex when trying to conceive can start out very interesting, mysterious and great and in the end all the passion fizzles out. Why? Because you are both under pressure to make a baby, and conception has a way of tiring you out physically and emotionally.

That being said, here are 5 types of sex couples will probably have when trying to conceive:

1: The ‘Want To Make A Baby?’ Sex

This type of sex can be exciting for you both. The mere fact that you’re even trying for a baby is enough to excite you both. Foreplay will be more flirtatious and sex is coming with a new and exciting concept that you may think will never get old.

2: The “sickly” Sex

Somebody is likely to get sick during one fertile period. Without wanting to make a baby, you might choose to forego sex, but instead, you’ll just have snotty, sneezy, sweaty sex together, and try to pretend it’s not ewwwy.

3: The I’m Mad at You Sex

Ovaries do not consider your feelings or relationship prior to releasing one of those precious eggs. And so, you will find yourself having sex with the person you’re  mad at. Lets just hope that you don’t make an angry baby!

4: The Boring Sex

Trying for a baby has a way of taking the fun out of sex. It will not be hot or erotic. Why? Because instead of your minds to be focused on pleasure, your’e both thinking, ‘is this going to be the one?” “Will this move make the baby?”.

5: The Experimental Sex

When you’re trying to conceive, you can’t help but click on websites or read articles that share sex positions or styles that promise to get you pregnant fast. Most of them will come with strange ideas. Because your’e eager, you’ll try anything. You find yourselves giving in to very weird and interesting positions. It might not help you get pregnant, but livening things up in the bedroom isn’t going to do any harm.


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