Child Star Emmanuella Reveals Ambitions Beyond Comedy Career

Remember the little girl who cracked every body up in her comedy skits, “this is not my real face ooo” ? Comedienne Emmanuella, stole the hearts of many Nigerians with those skits.

In a recent interview with, she revealed that she will like to be a make-up artist when she grows up. The talented 6 year old, said that she liked what she does, but that does not make her the best in the world, that she relies only on God.

It was also reported that although, she doesnt wear any make up in her skits, she did seem to have an innate passion for makeup, hence her interest in becoming a makeup artist later in life.

However, Emmanuela is like any child her age as she enjoys watching cartoons, playing games, and jumping around whenever she is not on set. She became the special star she is today, after one of several Mark Angel’s comedy skits “This Is Not My Real Face” she participated in went viral on social media. Her talent has earned her several awards both nationally and internationally.

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“Child Star Emmanuella Reveals Ambitions Beyond Comedy Career”

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